A New Fur Rug

The coat that came off the dog, was completely intact when all off.

It makes me angry when people go out and get a dog, without even researching and then drop it off to someone else to do all their responsibilities.  People are bringing in Golden Retrievers, Labradors, German Shepherds, and even a wired hair Jack Russell to have them shaved down, because of shedding.  I try and tell these people that it doesn’t solve shedding, it just makes the hairs tinier so you can’t see them, but they are still shedding.  They get the shave down anyways.  I had one lady come in and tell us that she was tired of looking at her matted dog.  It took everything I had to not be angry to her face and tell her I’m sure the dog is sick of her and his mattes.

It’s simple.  If you don’t want the responsibilities of a long hairs dog (hair cuts and brushing), then perhaps you should look into a dog that doesn’t grow long hair.  And if you don’t want a dog that sheds a lot, then maybe you should look into a breed that isn’t as big on shedding.  How can you just let your dog go and get matted and dirty?  How can you let their nails get so long they start to curl and reshape the foot, which will later cause joint issues?  If you don’t have the money for a dog, or you are not willing to put your dog before other simple pleasures, like getting not only your nails done, but your 3 daughters along with it, then maybe you should turn away from owning a pet dog.  Maybe a fish is a little more in your budget.  I know Betas are on sale right now with your petperks card ($1.99).

The hair didn't trickle off, we had to shave it off as a whole until it would release the dog.

Today a dog came in and it took two groomers to try and get his coat off.  I say we have a new rug because the whole coat came off in one piece.  Legs, the thickest part of the tail, the neck.  Even the ears were so matted you could have made ear muffs out of them.  Me and the other groomer had to share all our #10 blades because they were heating up so fast, and I can’t say I blame our clippers because they are doing a lot of work.  When we finally got the coat off and his skin was all irritated and red.  You could see little soars across the skin because the mattes were so tight.  There were mattes in his ears, in between his paw pads, right by his eyes, I’m actually surprised he could walk with how tight they were on his legs.  I think what made it worse was how much he fought us about it.  We had to tell the lady that was as good as he was going to get because we were exhausted with trying to hold him down.  Since his skin was all ready irritated, we didn’t want to irritate it further so we put some Aloe shampoo on him (added for free) and sent him home.  I know the next time I see him, he will probably be all matted again because they simply don’t care.

We can only feel sorry for them when they are handed to us like that, and we try and do as much as we can for them before we have to send them home to their misery.  Sometimes the pet parent actually complains that we caused the irritation because we were to rough with their dog.  Even when we explain that it’s the mattes that are harming their dog, they would still be happy to blame someone else for their actions.  This lady didn’t say anything of the sort, thank goodness.

Aladdin taking his bath, getting the Furminator treatment to help reduce his shedding for the season!

Aladdin also got a bath today.  We had to try and get all that sap out of him so he stopped smelling like pine trees. *laughs*  He really dislikes his baths but with all the training we have put into it, he is learning to just deal with it.  No more squirming for nail grinding, no more crying out during the bath, and no more strangling himself over a light blow from the dryer.  He still shakes in fear a little but he actually perked his ears up and I snuggled his face next to mine even though he was soaking wet.  Its what mom’s do.  He was brushed clean, added some leave in conditioner to help repel any other dirt he might get into and off to home we went.  I think he feels better being nice and clean and I’m sure the cool water felt great in all this humidity we have.  I hear the thunder, so I hope the storm hits soon to cool us off.  In the mean time, I think Aladdin and I will enjoy the air conditioning (the boys gave in) and take a nap! :)

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2 thoughts on “A New Fur Rug

    • Yes, we have the hotline number on our wall. The only problem is, we only see a moments of neglect. It’s hard for us to determine if it really is due to abuse or maybe they came from a sitter, a dog kennel, out of surgery. It could have been one they found on the street like that. It’s really hard for a groomer to say what is and isn’t neglect. It’s betters for neighboring families who see everyday routines to notice more so than we can. It’s tricky business to try and report abuse unless it’s in eyes of the other public.

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