Labor Day, Came and Went

The older I get, the more I hate holidays.  I’m turning into my father.  I can’t believe how crazy people go for these sales, that really are not that great.  Trust me.  I watch the sales slips come and go and no one takes advantage of them then.  It’s only during these special ‘Holiday Sales’ that really get people going.  I also love the people who wait until the very last possible second to try and get their dog in.  I just want to yell, “Did you not think ten thousand other people are trying the exact same thing?!?”  During the holidays I feel people get crankier when they can’t have their way and are even more in a rush than they would have been because they waited until last minute.  Tis the season for lots of holidays too.  I hate black out months.  They are seriously filled with the worst dealing customers possible.

I’m very happy Labor day has passed.  I’m also happy that my 14 day work week is almost over.  In my little spare time I have, I’ve actually been doing a lot of research to opening my own place.  I still have a couple years down the road before I can venture off, and Julio and I are looking to move downtown but it still can’t hurt to get a head start.  Petsmart does so many things that could be done simpler but they have to make everything so complicated.  We also have employees that doesn’t work and has a doctor’s excuse every other week for this limb and that limb.  The past 4 weeks has been her back and it’s getting really annoying.  I think what makes it worse is that instead of telling her to start doing her job, they baby her and let her take whatever hours she wants.  Morning is our busiest times usually.  She is only allowed 2 dogs a day that are under 15 lbs.  Mornings should not be allowed to her, but she gets them and then complains how tired she is because she stayed up late and how much her back hurts.  I’m pretty sure she also broke our fluff dryer.

Curled up in between dad and me with his toy there so he can squeak it when he gets up!

Aladdin got to stay the night with us.  I love when he sleeps in the bed.  Julio won’t roll on the dog or elbow him or squish him, because he’s little.  Aladdin likes sleep right up next to me, so it’s like a barrier to Julio’s sleep movements.  That means the greatest night for sleep (lol)!  We also found out about this terrier breed native to Spain and they all look like some for of Aladdin.  Unfortunately I don’t remember what they are called and everyone who speaks Spanish is sleeping.  But I plan on doing a whole blog on them, maybe find out some interesting facts about the breed.  Julio jokes saying Aladdin is now a Spanish pure bred.

You can tell fall is on it’s way.  I’ve had to start pulling out my cardigans to cover up against the fall breeze.  The dogs are loving the cooler weather, but I’m not enjoying it at all.  The clouds have taken the sun’s cheer and the breeze will make the leaves die faster.  I will have to get some cute fall pictures of Aladdin and his cousins.  We are also going to do a family photo with Julio’s family when everyone is back in town the 15-17th.  I’m hoping I can get all the dogs in there too!  Maybe I can even get them to smile!

Speaking of family, I should probably get some Aladdin time in before I head to work.  He’s rolling all over my lap, so he wants to play.  Hopefully we’ll have our own place in downtown soon!!

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