A Turn for the Wild

I took a family photo. Thank god for tripods and self timers ^_^

Julio and I went to the park again.  A different one this time, with a nice little pond.  We wanted to get some nice updated photos, since family is so far away, they like to see what’s going on.  I also felt we needed a nice family photo.  So we did just that.  We walked around, Aladdin played on the playground, and we took Aladdin on the dock and he went on rather well, until he noticed there was water on us.  Then he wanted off, as quickly as possible.  I’m not sure how we’re going to concur that fear.

Julio and I had gotten back from the park and we get a phone call.  The trip that we had planned to go to Canada was cancelled and moved to the smokey mountains.  They don’t allow dogs there, and it would be much of a hassle to get things taken care of so last minute.  So we declined the offer to go, even though I really really really wanted to go backpacking in the wilderness.  Perhaps next year.

Aladdin went down the slide all by himself.

We weren’t the only ones having trouble getting a dog sitter.  Julio’s brother was having the same issues, and his shots aren’t up to date so no one was going to take him.  I should also mention that he was leaving in one day and any good boarding facility should want at least 48 hours after shots to be able to do any kind of drop off.  Stress raises the heart rate and raising the heart rate after any kind of medical treatment is not good for their body.  So he asked us if we would do it.  We hate Atlanta, but we accepted the offer.  So we packed really quickly, in a matter of 20-30 minutes and hoped in the car to head towards Julio’s sister’s.  It’s easier to car pool.

The plan was that His brother would meet us at the camp site.  He was coming from Atlanta, and us from Chicago.  His sister had made the original plans for camping, so we hoped in to tag a long.  Once at the camp site, we would take both dogs (Aladdin got to come with this time), and head back towards Atlanta until Sunday.  Then we would head back to the smokey mountains.  Give Julio’s brother his vehicle back, and head back homeward to Chicago.

Father and son walking on the trail.

While most trails don’t allow dogs, we did get to drive through the Smokey Mountains and it was quite a site to be seen.  Aladdin enjoyed it too.  There were picnic area hikes that we did and we got to see a lot of cool things.  Sun rise in the Smokey Mountains is amazing, to bad I wasn’t in an area that I could photograph!  Hopefully I’ll get to go backpacking in the mountains soon.  For now, I’m enjoying watching Aladdin and Link playing in the big back yard of our Atlanta vacation home!

Aladdin enjoying the Smokey Mountains.

Another thing Aladdin has been up too is starting his doggie modeling career.  It just sucks that it’s all based off the voting system on facebook.  Poor guy.  Dad says he doesn’t have a chance, and he’s probably right.  But mom’s always stay optimistic, and try their hardest to get them to win.  He’s such a camera ham too, especially if there is a treat behind the camera man (usually the camera woman is me, but he still knows his commands no matter who is photographing).  So if you want to help him out, we would love it!  We need all the help we can get.  The contest isn’t very long, he’s quite far from first place, but I am remaining positive.  Sometimes it’s the underdog the wins!! :D

Just click the link.  You have to ‘Like’ it to vote (you know how they always get you like that).  Feel free to unlike it afterwards, the vote still counts.  Make sure you vote for Aladdin.  There is only one vote per person and we need a lot of people!  So the more you can help the better!  We truly appreciate it!  At least I can say I went down with a fight!  Vote for Aladdin!!\

Just remember to always take precautions when traveling with your pet.  Fresh water and when hiking flea and tick medication to make sure they stay healthy!  I’ll also be putting up photos on the website later, when my internet isn’t so crappy. ^_^







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