A Day with Family

Aladdin and Calcetin both wanting treats from me!

Julio’s oldest brother is in town so naturally it was a weekend spent towards that.  Other than work of course.  Saturday night after I got off, we headed towards Rockford to spend time with Julio’s family.  I got out late (closing boo) and we arrived even later.  I was ready for bed.  But the minute I got in and Aladdin was freaking out and jumping all over me, I found some energy.  Julio wanted me to show his family his new tricks, we tried but he was much to happy to see all of use and much to concerned with all the dogs there.

Resting after a good roll around with Aladdin while Calcetin barked at them.

Calcetin and Link were there.  No Cyrano.  Julio and his older brother made a comment that Cyrano is Farva in super troops.  Part of the group but no body likes him.  *laughs*  Poor Cyrano.  Aladdin had fun with the rest of his cousins.  In the morning when everyone was up and around, we got to show them all of Aladdin’s tricks.  I even tried to teach Link to roll over.  We are almost there.  He pauses half way through and you have to help through it.  Calcetin just shook for his treats.  I had picked up special pumpkin treats for the occasion.  They all loved them!

Calcetin stepped in pooped and tracked it all through the house, so my grooming skills were needed to give him a bath.  Like Aladdin, he hates baths.  But when he goes to move, it’s over 100 pounds that’s fighting with me.  Thankfully, he doesn’t fight me nearly as much as Aladdin.

He doesn't like to be disturbed while he is trying to take a nap! lol

Aladdin also had to get a bath.  Link and Aladdin were chasing each other around in the yard.  They both had stopped and I was shocked to see him raise his leg and pee on my dog.  I set down the dish I was cleaning and grabbed a wet paper towel and sure enough when Aladdin came to the door, he had pee marks on his head.  I wiped his head down and yellow just filled the paper towel.  The stink didn’t come out, so the poor thing got a bath.  The only one who didn’t get a bath was Link, and that’s probably good.  It would have taken him all day to dry with all that fur.

I think Julio’s brother was a little jealous that the other two got free grooming.  *laughs*  I told him to bring Link into the salon for me so I can professionally groom him before he leaves the states again.  Link would be gorgeous with a professional groom.  He already is a gorgeous dog.  With a clean brushed out coat, he’ll get all the ladies in Chile!

All sad and tired after a long day. Don't worry bud, we'll be together again soon!

At the end of the day, we all had to say bye.  I will see my critter again soon.  I promise him every time I have to leave, “I will come back for you.  Promise.”  He always tries to follow me and Julio out the door when we leave, but I give him the command stay, and he does so well.  Until next time Aladdin.  I love you!

Everyone was drooling to get some of these. On sale at work and well worth the money! ;)

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