Black Friday

Black Friday is not a day that I celebrate.  I try to stay home and keep the doors locked to keep the crazies out.  This Black Friday, however, Julio and I wanted to go pick up our first Christmas tree together.  There was this cute little skinny one at Target that would work perfect for our small city homes.  Our families joke that it represents us perfectly.  Tall (Julio) and skinny (me).  Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea.  When we felt it was safe to go out, we ran to Target and there was none of our tree left.  So we have to wait until next week, on my next day off, whenever that may be.

Thanksgiving was very filling for the both of us.  I got to see my family at last and spend time with my father and sister.  I don’t get to see them enough.  It was good being out on the farm again.  All the hay bails were out on the field and I guess my grandfather had sold only 100 of them so far.  That’s a lot of hay.  So Julio, my sister and I adventured around fields and the woods and took some pictures.  My sister is also a photographer (as is everyone else in my family).  In the distance we could hear the hunting dogs just a howling away.  I didn’t know that hounds were used for deer hunting.  We were hoping that our walk would take us close enough to grab a few captures, but no such luck.  Just close enough to hear them, although I don’t think you really have to be that close.

After we ate at my families, we went back towards his parents and spent the rest of the evening there.  All the ‘kids’ were there and they each got a carrot pup cake.  Link was to good for his though, so Aladdin and Caletin shared.  Aladdin linked off all the frosting and he let Caletin finish up the rest.  Aladdin also got some of everyone’s dinner.  I know why he is always ready to sit under you while you eat.  There are a lot of non accidental opps in the house hold that need clean up.

Cyrano did come to celebrate with the family and when he came into the door, his nose was right into everyone’s business as usual.  Aladdin was bothered and ended up nipping at him.  He got his ear and so we had to patch up Cyrano.  Nothing harmful.  A simple band-aid helped.  He still didn’t learn.  Later he got close to Link and bothered Link, and Link ended up doing a little more than snap at him.  He spent the rest of the night having to be tied up so he didn’t bother the rest of the other dogs.  Hopefully one day, Cyrano will get the training he needs.

After a late evening, I said goodbye to my critter.  He’s always so good when we leave.  He wants to come with, but he knows when I say stay he has to obey.  His tail always wags as we leave.  Probably in hope that we’ll change our mind and take him with this time.  I know he had a good Thanksgiving.  He got to play all day and get fed all kinds of different treats.  Rather is slipped table food from grandma and grandpa, or he treats he worked for while dad showed off his kid’s tricks.

As a retail worker of Corporate America, I’m ready for the Christmas to get here and leave.  I just can’t stand how crazy people get.  Today, a lady was yelling at the cashier because she wanted to use her red card to save 5% of $28.  She couldn’t though, because there was a problem with her card.  She was also angry because there was a sign that said Disani was $2 not the $3 they had rung up as.  I just wanted to scream, %5 of $28 is $1.40.  Is it really worth it?!?

The plastic red, green, and white ornaments Julio and I picked out for our first tree together. Can't wait to decorate! :)

I am excited to see family again though.  This will be Aladdin’s first Christmas.  I am excited to see how he responds to a Christmas tree.  I’m curious, will he try and pee on it?  Julio’s parents always do a real tree for Christmas, so it will have that pine tree smell he is so used to peeing on.  My mom’s yard was fenced in by pine trees, and that’s where he always went to pee and chase rabbits.  I know he won’t eat any of the ornaments, he’s not like that.  Unless of course it’s a softy ornament that looks like one of his toys.  I could see him going up to it and trying to pull it off like he does to the toys at work when he wants it.  It would probably be a pretty funny scene to witness.

Once Julio and I get our fake Christmas tree bought and up, this will be Cyrano’s first year with a tree in his home.  I have no doubt, he will use the ornaments as a way to grab our attention when we ‘ignore’ him.  So the ornaments Julio and I got are on the smaller end and are plastic.  Even though glass are my preferred choice, Julio and I agree that for Cyrano’s safety, it has to be plastic this year.  There was a really nice sale on the small ones for $6.  We also agreed, this year our tree’s color will be traditional green, red, and white.  I can’t wait to decorate the tree, and then put little puppy presents underneath it.  Julio and I are starting our own family traditions!

An example of the metal ornaments I'm thinking of purchasing for our first tree! :)

As a start to our Holidays to come, I’m going to make a family ornament through my lab.  They are metal, so Cyrano can’t destroy them as easily.  Either that, or I make an ornament.  I use to do it with my mom all the time.  Every year we made a new ornament, each of us, to hang on the tree.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make one every year, but I certainly want to mark Our families first Christmas together.  When I come up with an idea, I’ll be sure to share!  ^_^

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my man.  He wants to show me this movie called, The Truth About Cats & Dogs.  He is always trying to expand my movie knowledge.  “For a women who loves photography, you certainly don’t know much about film.” is what he always tells me.  And the lack of pictures is because we used my sister’s camera this weekend.  So until she emails them to me, all I have is this picture to show off Julio’s and my first purchase to Christmas ornaments! XD

Hope everyone had a very filling and exciting Thanksgiving!  And be safe during these next few weeks while shopping for your loved ones!  I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping for snow soon!  And the kind that stinks on the ground and stays! :)

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