Man, Woman, & Dog

While at work today, I had some down time.  Actually, a lot of down time.  I did the monthly safety check list, all the Salon cleaning and groomed one dog in the first 3 hours of my shift.  So I had another 5 hours to go.  I figured, why not do some new doggie research. So I went out and grabbed all the new magazine issues that we just got in this week.  We’re kind of slow, right?!?  Two birds with one stone for me here.  New style of pet photography that is being used through each magazine, and new dog stuff that I will probably be add to my ‘I Want’ list.

Maybe I’m weird, but I read magazines in a very particular way.  First, I thumb through it, very quickly and backwards, only pausing to glance at the very large font in between the font of the article.  These are my memos for what article sparks my attention. Then I go back through to what seems the most interesting article and I look at all it’s pictures, and read the captions.  If I don’t then I’ll be in the middle of reading the article and have to stop to admire the picture and read the caption.  This is very annoying to me.  Then I go through and actually read the whole article.  The only thing I skip is the really long titles that are given after doctor this and doctor that.  I more or less what to read about the article.  I’ll eventually make it through the whole magazine.  Classify these weird habits as you want, but I swear I have no form of OCD.  At least that I know of! :P

The Gender Divide Article Pic and Link

So the article is titled, The Gender Divide: Why Women Want Dogs, While Men Need Them.  The first thing that had caught my attention to this article is “We did a study that showed 97% of people talk to their dogs… the other 3% probably lied.”  This made me giggle a little, cause part of me believes this.  I’ll be honest, I talk to my dogs.  They are actually the first to greet me at the door and to make contact with me when I come home.  I plainly talk to them as if they were a person sitting next to me.  I do it at work too while grooming.  “Well, if you didn’t wiggle so much I would probably be done already,” is what you’ll usually hear from me.  I honestly can tell you that every single pet parent has some farewell message towards their dog during drop off and they always have a greeting message during pick up.  I have no problem believing that 100% of dog owners talk to their dogs.  If not 100% then it has to be 99.9%, and that .1% of a person must not be human or very much of a dog person (and most likely not the true owner to the dog).  Lets face it, we talk to our dogs.  They are a social animal, we are social animals.  It was a conversation waiting to happen!

The main article is not about talking to your dogs though, it’s actually about the difference in how women choose their dog verses the way a man would choose his dog.  They go on saying how women choose their dog the same way they would choose a man they are intimate with or also known as “the perfect mate.”  The article states,

In a national newspoll survey taken in Australia that gathered data from more than 600 single men and women, a large percentage of the women noted that they preferred the companionship of their dog over that of human males because the dog came closer to their ideal housemate.  Sixty percent of women say dogs are more affectionate than men, seventy percent say dogs are more easy-going than men, 63 percent say dogs are more loyal than men, and 58 percent say that dogs are more reliable.  Furthermore, fourty percent of women enjoyed the fact their dog allowed them to watch TV without interruption, 75 percent said they turned to their dog for affection when they felt down, and 80 percent said they valued the sense of security that dogs gave them.

Don’t worry, women still planned on having relationships with men in this survey, but not with a man who didn’t enjoy her dog.  Looks like Julio is going to start having some competition around the house! *laughs*

For men, however, picking out his canine friend is different.  The article claimed that the study has shown them that men pick a dog that is more like a brother hunter, or that wing man position.  Men literally find a best friend he can rely on.  I guess that’s where we get the title, Man’s Best Friend.  That is the role that the dog plays for men.  Researchers have also been looking at it from another angle.  A dog now days allows a man to show caring and nurturing behaviors that are most commonly shown in women, and a ‘women’s trait’ is often frowned upon in the male species.

Julio encouraging Aladdin while we were at Sugarcreek State Park.

The article also mentions the reason why women were so attracted to a man with a puppy, a dog, or a baby (used for example).  I can tell you right now, I loved that Julio was such a dog person, but not for the same reason.  It is said that women are attracted to a man who has a dog, because it shows his affectionate side (we are all looking for the affectionate side).  A side that is unusual for a man to openly show in public.  In our society, it is often taught that men contain or hide their emotions.  But with a dog, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to pet and stroke, hold them in their laps, and even kiss them.  It allows a man to be nurturing and affectionate and no one would question him.  I mean look at those adorable floppy ears and wagging tail.  Any man who couldn’t pet and love it, is crazy!  Even men with the most macho and manliest of dogs still get close to their face and nuzzle or show care and affection and it’s completely normal.  I have clients with tattoos of skulls and things being stabbed bring in their little yorkie, and you can bet they ask for her to leave with some ‘rockin’ bows.  I think it helps that I have specific ribbon with little skull crosses on them.

When it comes down to it, I can see it.  Julio does care for Aladdin like he is his son.  When Cyrano gets hurt, Uncle Julio is the first to worry about his safety and Aunt Nikki is there to keep reason in check and to doctor him up (his injuries always call for vet wrap!).  This nurturing mother always has a first aid kid on hand, both for humans and dogs! ;)

Of course the article ended right next to an ad for a doggie diaper bag as I call them, and I’ve been looking for a good travel back for quite some time.  It’s quite fashionable too, which is never compensated for the great organization it brings with it!  So it was an overall good read to a good lead to a new doggie diaper bag.

Thank You Jodistone!! :)

I also tried a new product today at work called Comfort Zone on a Weimaraner who doesn’t like getting his nails done.  He seemed to be calmer today than he usually is, but we have no idea if it really helped calm him.  Was he just having a good day?  So I’m going to do a mega test on the product and put it (on like a bandana or on his collar) on Cyrano for when he is around the other dogs.  We’ll see if he calms down at all, or at least any to really see.  But I’ll make a product post on Comfort Zone in the future.

I would also like to thank Jodistone Blog for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I really appreciate and I will return the favor on my next blog post..  I think this post is becoming to long, and I’m sure I’ve already lost your interest as a reader! *laughs* So I’ve prepared you for two future blog posts!  Can’t say I didn’t warn you! ;)

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3 thoughts on “Man, Woman, & Dog

  1. Thank you, I was very surprised when she told me! :D

    Being a women, I would like to mention that I won’t tolerate riff raff during my tv show and most of my friends are the same way. Maybe it’s a women thing?!? I really don’t watch that much tv though, mostly movies on netflix and the boys are usually drooling over the kettle popcorn I eat while I watch (Julio included). So Aladdin and Cyrano just lay on the floor waiting for me to drop something, and Julio is digging in and ‘dropping’ things on purpose to them. So far the method is working for me! :D

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