A Light Dusting

Aladdin outside in the snow. It's not that cold, but he says it is!

It decided to snow a bit this morning.  So on my way to breakfast with a friend, I was worried about my curls falling out due to the wet. Should have checked the weather before I got all cute! :P  When I got home, I let Aladdin run around and he was all excited, for about two minutes, then his paws got cold and we headed back inside.  Of course not before I was able to snap a photo of his cuteness!  I might go back out today and do some puppy dog shopping to see if anyone in the area has cute boots.  If not, I’ll order some with my next grooming supply purchase.  They have an extensive catalog and some really cute booties for Aladdin I’ve been eyeballing.

In enlightenment to the grooming competition, I think I found one contestant that is willing to let me do whatever hair cut I want.  I’m just waiting on my free product to get into the mail so I can test it out.  At my last few days of work, I was working on a few before and afters, but only one really stood out.  He was in bad condition and I was pretty proud of the way he turned out.  It’s to bad I didn’t have my product then, cause he would have been a great candidate.  But I got a good work out and the owner was really pleased with the way he turned out!  So that makes me happy.

Cocker Spaniel, Before Shot

Cocker Spaniel, After. He feels so much better


I was also sitting on the whole letter gig, and I think I might pay for a membership to one of them.  Eventually, I probably will take their test and shove it in their face that I don’t need their schooling and seminars to make me a good groomer.  It will still look good for clients sakes and I found out I’m going to have to be a member to something to get into more competitions.  But I’m in no hurry and I can take my time.  The one I’m looking towards gives you a lapel pin, and I have a slight obsession with pins! ^_^

Meet scamper. He is dying for a good make over! :)

The apartment is not going along as planned.  I’ll probably have a 2 hour commute to my first day at the new place, or I have to get a hotel room to live in for a couple of days.  I’m kind of bummed about that.  Good news is, my mother finally sold her house!  That thing has been sitting on the market for a couple years and she is in Florida so she has been dying to get rid of it.  She didn’t everything she was hoping for, but it’s off her hands.  So she is flying back for my birthday (March 1) and going to celebrate my birthday with me!  Kitchenaid mixer, here I come!  In my favorite color too (yellow)!

So the bads come with the goods and we just keep moving along.  I wish my income tax would get here already so I can put it to some more grooming supplies.  Everything else in my bank account is going towards the new place and the move (and maybe the hotel room).  Keep your fingers crossed that we can move in on Sunday.  I’ll sleep on the floor if I have too to avoid the drive!

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2 thoughts on “A Light Dusting

  1. I love your before and after picture of that cocker spaniel! Wow, such a difference it makes! I used to be a dog groomer a few years ago and I really miss it. It’s so nice helping dogs feel good about themselves. They are always so happy after being groomed. Thanks for posting!

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