Moving Along

Today, I was readying my grooming case with all the supplies I’ll need at work tomorrow.  I have a lot of stuff!  I’ve been perfecting the way it should all fit in here and trying to weed out what I don’t really use so it’s not taking up more space.  Did I have all this stuff before when I packed it all in here a half a year ago during my last move?  Aladdin is watching me and curious.  He loves sticking his head in the case.  Oh that’s way, I forgot I had training treats for grooming all those puppies!

I’ve also been packing a weeks worth of clothes.  Which isn’t to hard.  Black pants, Tank tops with a sweater and my grooming smock.  I got a catalog from a guy that will custom order my grooming clothes since I’m tiny and work doesn’t carry anything small enough.  He is very reasonably priced as well, so I’m putting in an order for some grooming clothes that fit.  At last, I won’t looking I just get hand me downs that don’t fit for work clothes!  Hopefully that will limit the number of times I get stuff on the doors or any other object sticking out (grooming locks, drawer handles, the feet of the table, etc).  I swear, I’m very athletic and not very clumsy, I just have way to much fabric on me at work.  So I’m excited to be purchases some new grooming clothes! :D

Julio and I will be staying with his sister who will pretty much be our neighbor once we get all moved in.  No call for any of the apartments we applied for, so I have to bum it off of his sister’s couch.  Beats the commute though.  Julio is coming with to keep looking at more apartments.  Thank god he is here to do that, other wise I would have a mental break down.  Aladdin will also get to play with his cousin, Calcetin!  He will really enjoy his stay there.  Which reminds me, I need to pack his doggie bag!

Silly illustration from their catalog

My nervous and excitement are really settling in.  Like a child going her first day of school.  Will the other kids like me?  Will I make a fool of myself?  Am I behind their standards?  Will I keep up as a groomer?  No kid wants to be the stupid one in class, and I get this feeling like I’m going to be.  I come from a store who’s plan is $300o a week and we cross our fingers to hit it, to a store that has a plan of $16,000 a week and they always blow it out of the water.  I have to get out of lazy mode days and get ready to groom!  At least I will look cute with my new ‘school’ clothes! :P

Julio tells me I’ll be fine, he always does.  It’s because he loves me, but it’s still encouraging.  Oh and I need to put my employee parking pass on the car tonight!  So much to do!  Thanks for all the reminders! :D

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