2012 International Chicago Dog Show

Being a poodle is so rough! :P

I had originally planned to take off the whole weekend from work to go to this thing so I could really experience a dog show.  Unfortunately my vacation time didn’t transfer with me, so I was lucky to have a random Saturday off.  I used this opportunity to go to the dog show.  I even have a nifty coupon to save $2 (look out)!  I used that two dollars I saved towards a soda.  Money well spent I feel. :)

The elk horn I bought for Aladdin, he chews it here and there. He's never been a really big chewer, just mostly a fetcher! :D

So I got up, poor Julio had to go work and Aladdin was loving the heater so he didn’t want to get up either.  But we did a potty break and then I bundled up because it was very cold in Chicago today.  I was reading the directions on how to get there and I saw parking to McCormick place was off a street I live near by.  So I figured, I can’t get lost.  It’s a straight shot.  Well an hour into my walk, I start getting nervous.  I’m walking near the lake, I can’t go any farther east, and I saw street signs but I’m not driving so I can’t walk on the road.  I keep walking and I’m starting to get really really cold and the buildings seem so far away and the street is pretty distant now too so I can’t flag any taxi’s down.  I’m walking and walking and then I hear barking.  I stop walking and the runners kind of pass by me funny.  There, again, more barking.  So I followed my ears and I walk up next to a building.  The garbage can by the stair way up to this mysterious black building says McCormick Place!  At last, I’m here.  Now how to get in?  No worries, I tried to act like I knew what I was doing the whole time.  :P

Some goodies they were selling! They had all kinds of vendors you could buy from.

At last inside, the heat felt amazing!  I could hear more barking so I knew I was close!  There were a large crowd in the distance, so I followed.  At this point, I didn’t care how long it took to get to the spot, the heat was reward enough after an hour and twenty minute walk.  It didn’t take me long to locate it.  I paid, got stamped, and in I was.  I grabbed a schedule, even though I pretty much memorized it, and went straight to the grooming department.  I could watch them groom all day.  By this point, most of the major grooming was done.  I did get to see the finishing touches and I learned about some different sprays and tools.  One lady snapped at me not to touch her dog, even though I wasn’t.  I just held out my hand cause her poodle was stretching as far as he could to sniff me, so I figured I would let him indulge his curiosity and not fall off his grooming table.

Aladdin's new coat that is long enough to keep his whole body warm and allow sweaters to fit under it for those really cold days.

I took tons of pictures and saw tons of different breeds.  I tried to focus on the breeds I don’t normally get to see, but it was hard to be all in the same place at the same time.  A dalmatian walked by and I greeted him and talked to the owner.  A lady walked by and I heard her say, “I’m not fond of Dalmatians.  They are aggressive.”  I wanted to stop her and be like no, they are stubborn and a little nervous around strangers, but not aggressive.  If they were that aggressive do you think the owner would be letting me and children pet his dog?

I had a lot of people ask me what breed this and that was and I can honestly say I could name them all that were pointed out to me.  I drew a blank for a moment on the Briard, but it came to me after a moment.  I’m going to blame it on this head cold I’m catching.  I think once Julio finds out I’m walking in the cold with a cold, he will probably lectured me.  But I had my scarf and mittens and a nice thick coat.  I did see this walkers coat that I always see in magazines.  It looks even better in person!  I was tempted to buy one, but maybe next year.  They look very warm, and that’s perfect for Chicago winters.  Especially if Aladdin and I get into Agility!

Of course matching bootie for this fashion queen and her pup! :D

While I was there, I did so some shopping as well.  I got Aladdin a coat that fits him for $10 and dog boots for $5.  I got a slip lead in grey for $10 and picked up some elk antlers that are cut in half for him.  He still hates it when I put clothes on him.  His dad makes him feel retarded, or gives off bad energy so Aladdin sulks in his warm clothes.  I’m waiting to try out the boots when Julio gets home, because I know it’s going to be hilarious!  A video will follow! ;)

On my way out, I grabbed a cab.  My knees started to hurt by the end of it, and it was still pretty cold.  Gave him the corner I wanted him to drop me off at and away we went.  The 10 minute drive was much better than the hour and twenty minute walk!  Now I have to wait a year to do it again.  And next year, I’m taking off the whole weekend! :D

The grey slip lead I bought. Aladdin walks so well already that this will be great for those moment where I just need to slip a lead on him. He was meant to be a show dog, if only he had the pedigree ^_^

I created an album on the website, so feel free to stop by and check them out! :D And you  can always visit our Day to the Dogs page! :)

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4 thoughts on “2012 International Chicago Dog Show

  1. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and took full advantage of your day off.

    I hate when something seems so simple (like directions) and it ends up taking much longer than it should. :-( Glad you had a warm coat though. :-)

    • Best day off in a while, as a matter of fact! And when in doubt (of the direction your heading) make sure you’re totally prepared, like wearing a heavy coat, mittens, and a scarf! :D

  2. I always thought walking to McCormick Center was difficult. You got some great pictures. A Curly Coat and the Chessies too. I will have to go back and see who entered there. That looked like more Chessies than normally enter.

    • I think it’s difficult because of all the random entrances and the building is so large. There were a lot of chessies and it made me think of you guys! I should have grabbed one of the books to see, but my mind was occupied and I forgot to grab one on my way out! :P

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