*Sniff, Sniff, Bloooooow*

Today in Chicago was absolutely beautiful.  I did not get to enjoy the day for you curious cats out there.  I was to busy grooming.  And when I got out of work, this head cold I’ve picked up from all the other sniffling Chicagoens, made my night (and day miserable).  Try grooming mean matted dogs when you can’t breath from congestion.  The barking just soothes that sinus head ache, and your achy body just loves fighting dogs.  Luckily a Walgreens is kitty corner to work.  So I walked over there while I waited for Julio to bring my car to me.

He had the day off (lucky guy).  A very well deserved day off, but he didn’t use it to lounge.  He hung up shelve and pictures.  Unpacked boxes and waited for the always notoriously late Comcast man to hook us up to the internet.  So tonight, I blog next to my little (much needed) space heater and with Julio clicking in the background on his own computer.  At last internet.  As much as I love Panera Bread’s soup, I much prefer sitting in my own home in my PJs.

We put Aladdin’s boots on for the first time.  He hated them.  *laughs*  We have a video to share.  I had to work on it though.  For some reason my phone didn’t register the turn, so it’s captured at the wrong angle.  My computer was being low, so thankfully youtube did some new upgrade which really helped me out!  We’re working on getting him use to his new life style of having wear coats and boots for the winter.  Maybe even shoes in the summer if there is a lot of broken glass on the side walks.  Oh and his dad loves his slip lead.  ;)  Make fun of me he will!  He told Aladdin I didn’t love him as much because he wasn’t a pure bred that I could show. *laughs*  Aladdin knows how much I obsess over him… although I do wish we could have show him.  He is definitely how dog quality (just without the pedigree)!

Aladdin’s New Boots

Jennifer Hudson and Oscar. It kind of looked like the dog that came in. Oscar is the oldest out of all three of them.

Other exciting news!  I guess we have celebrity dogs at work, Jennifer Hudson’s dogs.  That’s right.  Everyone at work look at the guy kind of funny, cause we aren’t sure rather or not to believe him.  It baffles me that she would bring them to petsomething when she has the money to take them ‘professional groomers’.  It was three little Pomeranians that came to visit us, and her little man secretary specifically reminded us that he can not confirm the address with us because he can’t hare celebrity information.  Rather or not they are really hers… I can’t find out.  After a while, all Pomeranians look the same to me.  I should have taken pictures of Oscar, dream, and whatever the third one’s name is (lucky?!?).  That way you guys could have done the comparing.  :P  Dream was in heat for her visit, which made it that much more pleasant.

I’m waiting for the sudefed to kick in.  I took two of those little pills and it’s suppose to make me drowsy, but I still just feel spacey and clogged.  I think I need to reread the directions and see how long these thing take!  I’ve been ready for bed and just waiting on the congestion to calm down.  It looks like critter is sleepy too!

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4 thoughts on “*Sniff, Sniff, Bloooooow*

  1. You poor thing, I hope your head cold clears up fast!!!

    And excuse me, but you ARE a professional groomer!!!

    As for them really being her dogs, who knows? Maybe he thought he would get some free services for his dogs if he threw out her name. :-)

    • Thanks. That’s what happens when you are part of corporate America, no one respect what they get. And the other thing about Corporate America, never expect them to give you something for free! Unless you complain… a lot! :P

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