Birthday Celebrations!

When you work on your birthday, it's always nice to receive flowers and chocolates to make the day better! :) Thank you Julio

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday, and my mother flew in from Florida to visit (and close on her house, but mostly to visit).  She got to stay the night in my new place and of course it has to be the coldest that Chicago has been this whole winter with winds just whipping around corners.  But I dressed my mother to suit the temperatures she hates and off shopping we went.

Cheers to family! No matter how many miles you put between each other, they will always be there for you. :)

Aladdin was so happy to see her, he actually took to the booties better with her here!  Grandma bought him a new toy too, it’s a giant soft raccoon that he throws around.  My mom almost has him all broken in to the boots idea too.  Grandma’s can always make idea’s sound better than mom!  It did snow all weekend too, although no accumulation in our area.  When we drove back 2 hours to see Julio’s family for his dad’s birthday (which falls on the same day as mine), we saw they had a lot of snow.  We didn’t bring Aladdin’s boots because we didn’t think about it.  But I’m sure they will get more use next year! :D

I think it’s official.  I am going to get a Poodle puppy, and there is one that I’ve been scoping out for the past few weeks.  But with all the moving and stuff, I have to rebuild the bank account and emergency funds before I go splurging on a Poodle.  So I need to up my commissions at work.  Today at work really set off the wanting of one.  I had a 10 month old poodle puppy who has been coming in often.  She is gorgeous.  Today, we had to shave her down completely.  I wanted to sob while I shaved her, but because of her owner not giving any grooming instructions during day camp drop off, she set me back an hour and half.  So part of me had a little revenge.  Very well behaved and very well bred.  I just wish her mom would brush her out.  She didn’t even look like a poodle when she left grooming.

Sometimes you just need to add a little spunk to your job, and maybe get a game of checkers going. He was shaved smoothed after we had our fun! :)

In light of birthday celebrations, a coworker bought me a new Laube blade.  I had never heard of them and when he let me try his to demat a dog from it’s rug it was wearing, I fell in love.  He bought me a 10 blade and we had some fun on a lab he had to shave down.  We just need some checker pieces and we could set up a game… as long as the poor fellow would remain laying on his side! :P

This just causes accidents in the house... I should make a sign that says please put both (2) lids down at ALL times!

Tonight, while I was calculating, I heard lapping.  I figured this to be impossible since Aladdin hadn’t ate dinner and therefore did not get his second helping to water.  So I grabbed my phone and started the camera up, knowing what my kid was getting into.  I turn the corner and there he was, head missing as he was getting a drink from the magical porcelain fountain!  I quickly snapped a picture and cleared my throat and he looked up to notice me staring at him.  He cowardly walked out of the bathroom keeping his eye on me and went into the office to hide behind Dad.  I reminded him that dad was also in trouble, for he always leaves the toilet seat open to allow all those free drinks.  I’m sure I’ll have a little piddle of pee somewhere tonight if I don’t watch his every move.  He got a good drink from the toilet!  If I wasn’t here, Dad wouldn’t have even notice.  How are Dad’s always so clueless or oblivious to their children’s actions… even if their child is a dog? *laughs*  Can’t sneak past Mom though!

So now I want to just calculate my pocket book… unless someone wants to buy me a poodle for my birthday! ^_^  Hope all of you had as much fun as I did this weekend! :D

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One thought on “Birthday Celebrations!

  1. Seriously, my dog could be up to mischief right in FRONT of their dad and he wouldn’t notice at all. Me, I have been known to shoot up from the sofa when I realize one of them is missing. LOL

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