Quadruped Pet Products

The three products I got and then the make shift spray bottle for my leave in conditioner to try at work!

I got some free samples from some company that makes dog shampoo and bathing products.  I have 3 samples that I’ve used not only on Aladdin, but I’ve tried some on a few dogs at work, just to make sure they are working as they say they should.  Now the guy I talked to about these products, who gave me the samples, had told me to set my expectations high because these products are used by all show groomers and very high end grooming salons.  So I was ready to put these to the test.  If any product is going to hold up to anything, it will be pet something corporation grooms.  I got three products in the mail: Tearless Shampoo, a protein shampoo, and a leave in conditioner.

The first product I have is the Natural All In One Tearless Shampoo.  So me, this product didn’t see to much different compared to other tearless shampoos that I’ve used.  It is pretty concentrated, so you don’t need very much to get the soap action that you would be looking for.  It smells pretty nice too, which is different because usually tearless shampoos don’t really have a smell.  It’s mostly plant based for ingredients so that could be where the smell is mostly coming from.  I did see they added conditioner (hence all in one) and that makes me wonder how tearless it really is.  Most conditioners are a thicker solution, if it is truly a conditioner.  But that usually why I stay away from all in ones.  Usually that flags to me, conditioner is watered down and the shampoo is moistures down to the conditioner being in there.  But again, it’s hard to tell the difference since I use tearless on the faces of my dogs and follow with a real conditioner.  I did try it all over on a short hair dog and nothing spectacular came out of the All in One.

The second product they ended up giving me was the protein shampoo.  It is made with milk protein, so it’s suppose to be a healthier wash.  It is very concentrated and the bare minimum is needed to create suds.  I used this product on Aladdin first, since he was all sandy from the beach and sand, like salt, can dry out a dogs coat and skin.  Aladdin’s coat is already in very good condition, so it was hard to see a dramatic change.  I did notice all the sand that started to appear when I was scrubbing his coat down.  So there is a lot of suds action.  The product washes out really nice too.  No extra sticking, which is good to see.  Usually those suds like to hid and reemerge when I’m blow drying making the dog flaky.  But this washed out really nice.  It did give a very nice shine to my friends dog coat too.  They don’t use conditioner, so it was easier to see the outcome.

The third product I have, I’m actually very impressed with.  It’s a all in One Leave in Conditioner.  At first, this didn’t make sense to me.  How can it be an all in one, if it’s just a conditioner?  When I had to talked to the fellow about my free samples over the phone, he told me very specific instructions on this stuff, and you could tell he was very proud of the product.  By the time it got to me in the mail, I had to read the instructions on the back of the bottom to make sure I was giving it it’s full potential.  So, while bathing Aladdin, I opened the lid of the bottle and when to pour a little in my hand and it came out more liquid like water rather than like most conditioners that is a thicker substance.  So I rubbed it between my hands and applied to him.  I then left it in, like the directions told me.  The product actually began to suds while I was rubbing it on Aladdin, which made me nervous.  But the directions says it will do that.  So I moved on.  Worse come to worse, I’ll just wash Aladdin down and blow dry him again.  I started blow drying and the fur started coming out.  It didn’t dry flaky, like I was worried.  It worked really well on making him really smooth too.  The shedding part, I would stick to the furminator conditioner, but it works.  I just didn’t like how I had to brush more after the blow dryer rather than have the blow dryer do most of the work for me.

the hair that I brushed out Aladdin with the curry brush or commonly called the zoom groom.

With this last product I really wanted to test it out fully.  It says it helps with dematting, and Aladdin doesn’t have any matting that I can try it out on, so I have to try it with another dog.  So I took a little perfume bottle from Bath and Body works and dumped out the smell I hated anyways.  I filled it with it’s 4:1 ratio and took it to work with me the next day.  Thankfully, I had this matted dog come in for me, so I tried it out.  I didn’t pre shave all the mats out and I checked to see what I could get through with my blade.  #7 if I was lucky.  So I bathed and then I spray a good amount of the leave in conditioner all over him.  I then rubbed him down with a towel to make sure the mixture got all into the coat.  When I started to blow dry, I tested to see if the mats were slowly pulling out.  I ended up saving his ear hair, cause I was able to blow and brush most of those out and he was able to have a #4 (about 1/2″ long) all over.  So it worked pretty well with dematting part of it.  Groomer approved.

Over all, the products are nice, but I wouldn’t say they are the best out there.  Even the leave in conditioner, there is better stuff out there.  But it’s great for at home or even for the salons that can’t spend tons of money on nice products (like petsomething corporations).  It’s not to expensive either, so something I could definitely see myself selling in my little shop for pup mom and dad’s.  And all their products have a pleasant smell that is still going pretty strong on Aladdin.  Even after running around in the rainy weather today! :)

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2 thoughts on “Quadruped Pet Products

  1. Sure looks different here. :) The products sound interesting. We don’t really bath our dogs with shampoo but on occasion use a bit of conditioner (diluted) which we leave in.

    • I feel if you had to choose one product, I would say leave in conditioner! Just because I really hate shaving down mats! :P But you’re guys were built for very low maintenance and great swimming! ^_^

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