To the Good Dog Owner

Aladdin and I enjoying the warm sun. He just can't get enough of that ball! :D

It’s very frustrating knowing that I can’t have a poodle because other dog owners have ruined the names of dog owners.  I told Julio, my motto has always been ‘It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.’  He is worried though, that if we get a Poodle that we will get kicked out of our apartment.  Our landlord is this sweet old lady and she let us have a dog because I’m a dog groomer and she knows that means that I have high standards for my dogs, and everyone seems to view dogs groomers high than vets around here.  It’s an interesting view, even for me.  So he wants us to wait on getting a dog, and more so a puppy.  He thinks that the barking and the puppy behaviors will get us tattled on or complained about, even if the neighbors above us walk like hippos and are loud.  I’ve  trained Aladdin not to bark to warn us.  He does a low growl.  He’s yipped once when he was excited and stopped after that.  And there are other various reasons why I know that this poodle puppy I want wouldn’t be a typical puppy.

The whole reason why this came up is because the puppy I originally wanted is still for sale by the breeder.  She is 16 weeks old and she was lower $300 in price, shipping included.  The price is unbeatable for a show puppy that would not only allow me to practice different grooming ideas on, but also allow me to get closer to the show ring.  So I’m in an irritable mood, knowing that other dog owners have ruined my chances of a great priced poodle.  So this goes out to all of you wonderful, good, and responsible dog owners.

To those of you who pick up your dogs poo, and remind others to pick up their dogs poo by donating one of your dog’s poop baggies.

To those of you who take the time to train your dog throughly, and make sure that anything your dog may destroy is your responsibility.

To those of you who take care to walk your dog, even when you are tired and it’s raining out.

To those of you who out source your dogs energy.

To those of you that always do gore research, and taking the time to understanding new methods (even if we don’t agree to them).

To those of you who help destroy breed profiling.

To those of you who have donated to help pets that aren’t even your own!

Thank you responsible dog owners.  Because of you, we get dog beaches, parks and homes that are more homey because our dog is there to greet us.  We need more of you!

On the bright side.  Got the job.  I am officially leaving corporate Petsomething and heading to bigger and better things.  So this should help launch me towards owning my own business.  I’m hoping for some more higher class grooms (since the grooming is a little more pricey) and I’ll have the freedoms that I’m looking for.  To particular rules that I have to obey buy because some idiot ruined it for all of us.  The other girl I work with is super awesome too!  You wouldn’t believe how much better you feel when you take Corporate off your back!  Hopefully I can get in good with some clients like I did at my other place and use them towards competitions.  I’m also going to start working towards my IPG since my schedule is mostly focused on the weekends! So while I pout over not having my poodle puppy, I can at least skip around knowing I’m a little more free! :D

Fender's new name tag. Contact number is on the back, but I didn't want to share his number with everyone! :P

Also, I know someone who designs dog tags, and so I put my creative skills to work and asked him to make something that I designed.  You remember Fender?  Well I thought he needed a special name tag that worked with his name.  So I designed a Fender Guitar and to make sure it had the strength that a terrier would need, me and the creator thought a guitar pick would work nicely behind it.  So we worked together to make the perfect name tag!  I can’t wait to give it to Fender’s dad.  He’s going to love it.  It’s those little things that just put a smile on your face! ^_^

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4 thoughts on “To the Good Dog Owner

  1. Not that you are asking my advice, but when buying a puppy, the fact that it is discounted should be the last thing that makes you decide to buy it. If you are buying a dog at discount shipping included, that seems way to good to be true. I would be very leery of buying that dog sight unseen and if you are talking dog show quality, I don’t see how you could evaluate it without putting hands on the dog or actually watching it move.

    • Oh I agree! I know the breeder actually, so I think that puts me at ease. The reason she is discounting it is because the puppy is getting older. He puppies are not cheap to begin with, so when I told my mother the discounted price she still thought I was crazy to put that much money into a dog. Of course I have a slight ‘friend discount’ advantage too. I’ll get to see her in May, when I’m off to S. Carolina for a wedding, and I’m hoping when Julio meets my friend, he’ll fall in love with the puppy too! ^_^ I try to guilt him by reminding him she is the only puppy left, but I guess only his mother knows how to work the guilting trick! :D

      And your advice is always welcomed! :)

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