Grooming for a Cause

A couple days ago, a lady popped into work and was asking about our grooming services.  he found this puppy in the alley near her condo, and she wanted to get it groomed before the shelter picked it up.  Well we need proof of rabies, and tags don’t work.  I slipped her my number and told her that I usually work for shelters, but I would be willing to help her out.  Even if she grabbed this dog off the streets and we have no idea if it has rabies or not.  The dog was pretty matted and she has a better chance of getting a home if she is all cleaned up!

So today, after a 9 hour day at work (it’s just getting wore there), I headed home, cleaned up a little bit and then I told Julio the plan. He came with me because he doesn’t trust me going to random places.  I told the lady’s husband that I would be there in about 40 minutes and we would start there.  So I packed up  my dryer and some quality shampoo, then headed on over.

She did really well for the bath, but she was already so tired from fighting me while Julio and I (and partially her foster dad) tried to get the mats off her head.

Their place was beautiful.  Very wealthy couple.  They also had cats as roommate.  We met their very bold siamese kitty cat, Tony.  We got started and the pup was very scared.  I’m pretty sure they named her Raven.  Raven was very nervous.  She didn’t have a very good life before and she still had a few baby teeth.  The vet guessed 8 months, I would say something close to that as well.  She also looks like she has a little bit of pit bull in her, which make me worried that she won’t adopted out as easily.  Julio was helping me hold her down because I had to get some mats out off her head.  She didn’t like the clippers near her head at all.  I have the marks all over my arms from her nails.  Julio said while she was screaming, she kind of bite him, but as soon as she realized that it was skin she released immediately.  Nothing aggressive or skin breaking.  Just panic.

I also noticed that she is probably approaching her very first cycle.  She was very swollen and has a clear moisture to her area.  The vet told them that she was most likely spayed.  I told them, most likely not.  And if this is the starting, they will most likely have to wait until she is done with her cycle before they can spay her.  At least they are trying to be good ‘foster’ parents and take care of everything.

After everything was done, she felt better and was definitely tired.  So we’re working with the people to find her a home.  We would rather see her go straight to a forever home rather than see her go to a shelter.  Even though it’s a no kill shelter, there are tons of dogs being brought in from all parts of the country and in Chicago, Pit bulls have a reputation for dog fighting in the slum parts.  So a lot of new dog owners (who are trying to do the right thing and adopt), usually have breed prejudices.  So we’re working hard to place her into a good home.

My scratches, after they've been cleaned up and showered over. There's nothing like a good open wound sting when the warm water runs over your arms. Julio got a good taste of my job today. Not as easy as he thought.

I wish I could get more groomers on board to help out with shelters.  I try and tell people that it would promote business along with helping out those who are not as fortunate as our own dogs.  But most groomers don’t want to deal with biting and scratching dogs who are freaked out because they have gone months if not years with out grooming, if they have even been groomed before.  But once or twice a month is worth the scratches and possible scars I take with me.  After all, my scars are not only my stories, but their stories too.

Scamper here is in need of a groom, which he'll get tomorrow! :)

After we were all done, we headed to where we use to live to hang out with Julio’s brother.  I’m grooming another dog tomorrow, Scamper, for my grooming competition.  The dead line is coming up and we need to get that going.  So this makes me a little closer to Rockford so I can sleep in a bit tomorrow and be fully rested for the groom.  I’m also going to do some research to see what kind of look I should do.  I hate grooming Malteses, but I feel this will better me if I pick my least favorable breed and succeed.  So I’ll groom that and then we’ll see how well I do! :D

Cyrano and Aladdin playing tug, although its more like Cyrano is taking Aladdin out for a walk. :P

While we visit, Aladdin gets to hang out with his cousin, Cyrano.  He has calmed down a lot.  Although he still runs around like a maniac and he still pesters Aladdin, he has a breaking point now.  He will do his creepo stare at Aladdin for the toy, rather than pester him all day long.  It’s good to see him growing up.  Julio’s brother got to play with his camera too while the boys played tug.  The phone pictures aren’t as amazing, so if he ever adds though online, I’ll be sure to share.

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