Grooming Competition

Yesterday I ran all over the upper state of Illinois to take care of some things on my to do list.  Laundry, grooming, picking up some items, visiting with Julio’s family.  The most important thing on that list was to get my groom dog done for the competition I signed up for.  I had finally gotten enough time and products in to do it and little Scamper was in dire need of a groom.  Poor little guy!

Scampers Before Face picture, yes with a stick caught in his beard lol

This was his first groom by a professional groomer (me) because his mom is a hair stylist.  I should also mention that she had  been doing my hair since I was like 10 years old.  She watched me grow and had seen me through my teens and watched me apply for college.  She no longer cuts my hair because it would be a ridiculously long drive, even before I moved to Chicago and my mother no longer pays for my hair cuts.  She has a lot of education in her field and sets her prices accordingly.  As a young college student, I wasn’t able to afford all the luxury my mother had given me and had to live with Great Clips or beauty school students to do a cheaper version.  My hair has never been the same, and I usually end up more frustrated every time I leave.  I’m still in search of a good hair stylist to do my hair, and I’m sure Chicago has plenty to offer.

Moving on… The drive took an hour and half to where we use to live and then another hour to my hometown.  It was hard to find her home with all the other beautiful homes on the river, but I asked a neighbor, who probably thought I was being a total creeper driving slowly through the neighborhood trying to find house numbers.  Finally I got there!  Scamper came running out to greet me.  Paws wet and dirty, I opened my door and let him ride up the driveway with me.  He was over grown and dirty, just the way I needed him!  He was also matted, cause it’s Maltese fur and other Maltese owners understand just how hard it is to keep this fur from matting up!  Especially a runner like Scamper.

Scampers Before Profile Picture. These are the official ones I turned in.

Scampers after face shot

Roughly 3 hours later, Scamper was ready for his photo shoot.  Had to collect before and after pictures for the contest.  I of course grabbed some extra unnecessary pictures as well.  He was just so happy to be done grooming, he wanted to run around like a maniac!  It was just too cute to pass up!  After everything was all said and done (and cleaned up) I went back to where I use to live and met up with my best friend.  She trained me to groom and working towards her Bachelor in Fine Arts like me, so we know how to give constructive criticism.  Naturally I would go to her to help me pick out the best photos.

Scampers after profile shot

Scamper feels much better with all those mats out and all the hair off of him! :)

Their first home brewed beer. It's a dark hazel nut beer. It was good! I almost would put it in my coffee. Only 4.0 alcohol. The one they were making now was close to 10 I think. Don't quote me though, I'm still new to the whole process! :P

As a toast towards my first competition, my best friend and her fiancé brew beer at home, so I experienced that for the first time.  Had a bottle of their first brewed beer and help brew another batch.  We are beer drinkers.  When I lived closer we would go out and do beer tasting and we want to visit a few breweries that are in the Chicago land area.  My friend and her fiancee are getting married in a beautiful brewery called the Onion.

While I was taking care of all of this, Aladdin got to play and hang out with his dad, his Uncle Ismael, and Cyrano.  By the time I got home, He was pooped and Cyrano looked exhausted.  But of course Cyrano’s motto is, “Carry on, and play all day!”  So that’s what he did.  He kept trying to egg Aladdin on, but Aladdin just wanted to relax on the couch and see his mom.  He is still pooped today.  Tired little pup!

Aladdin and Cyrano playing tug with Aladdin's toy banana.

Today, those photos and paper work were submitted.  Now I wait patiently for the deadline to finish up so I can hear results.  I can also view some of the other contestants entries as well.  If you want to check it out, click here!  The four things they are grading on is: The most dramatic improvement in the dog’s appearance between the before and after photos, The best groomed dog, The degree of difficulty and skill required for the groom, and The quality of the photography of the groomed animal.  I feel like I have a step up on the last one, unless the other groomers get professionals or also went to school for photography.  Although when I looked at the other contests entries, I was surprised by their choice of photo.  The contest rules said that you’ll get points docked off for having a blurry photo, or a lot of noise in the background.  A lot of them just took a photo in their salon and some the dog’s head is moving and is blurry.  It doesn’t take a professional to not get a blurry photo.  My friend thinks I have a really good chance of winning.  So I’m super excited.  I would even jump all excited for Honorable Mention! :D

I’m very satisfied with they way everything turned out.  It was really difficult to get Scamper really smooth and for a Maltese, I feel he turned out really nice.  Even my Sensii is impressed and proud, and that means a lot to me!  Now enjoy the photos!  Lots of pictures in this one! :D

He's a runner!

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4 thoughts on “Grooming Competition

    • Oh, maybe you can only view them if you are part of the contest. Maybe they release all the photos once it’s over? I’ll check the link though!

      Thank you! I was really nervous, but the nerves are starting to settle! ^_^

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