Monday Mischief – Cubs or a Sox Fan?

Fresh cookies from the little bakery that sells in our retail section. How could I not buy a Cubs and a Sox cookie?

I have found out I have this weird obsession of buying dog things for other people.  I love buying for my own, but there are things that simply do not apply to my taste and I usually want to find this collar, leash, dog tag, etc. a good home.  And if it’s a good deal, I definitely can not resist!  This is how I know I need to open my own little retail shop, so I can help all dog owners find a little something and make a profit off it.  For Now, I can only buy things for my own pup, family member pups, and friends pups.

The other day, we had friends come over with their dogs and Fender finally got his new dog tag.  His dad loved it!  Aladdin got to play with the other dogs too.  We would like you to meet Whiskey.  He is not owned by our friend, but by our friends sister.  They dog sit a lot though so he occasionally gets to see us.  He is a very skittish dog, especially to other dogs and people, but he fell in love with Aladdin right away.

This is Whiskey sniffing one of his cousin pups.

Today, we enjoyed a nice little walk in our city and wondered if Aladdin is a Cubs fan like his mom, or a Sox fan like his dad.  My work sells cookies from this little bakery and they make Cubs cookies and Sox Cookies, and I figure this is the best way to solve the issue of rather or not Aladdin root root rooted with his mom’s team or his dad’s team.  You can watch the video to see the hard choice Aladdin had to make.

If it doesn’t play, you can watch it here

We set Aladdin up so he could choose his favorite team with cookies with logos on them!

After some serious consideration, he turned out to be a cubs fan like his mom. His dad was a little disappointed in his choice. *laughs*

We’ve been super busy at work.  Time for all those summer cuts.  The other day I did two poodles.  One miniature, one standard, and they were getting exact same hair cut.  So I had a demo size dog for my Standard.  Here are the before and after of the Standard Poodle.

Before Shot, with 3 months worth of growth

The after shot

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mischief – Cubs or a Sox Fan?

    • lol thanks, some of the losing team are knit picking how it’s done. They say the color blue and red are more appetizing to dogs… but we know they are just sad that they lost. :p And thank you, she had a lot of hair to take down, and she was a total sweetheart! ^_^

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