Calling All AKC Breeds

Julio knows how much I love my dogs, and how much going to dog shows and grooming shows just make me giddy!  All those breeds, I just can not resist with all the beauty surrounding me!  He has also heard me complain about the applications for my iPad and iPhone.  When clients want me to show them what possible breed their shelter dog is, I would like some good images.  So he has made it my mission to collect and take as many dog photos of all the different breeds as possible, cause he is going to make me my very own app… that will be shared on the market in due time! :P

I was super excited about this idea, well because I’ve never had anything done in my honor.  I was told to make a flow chart (to show how I want my app to work) and then to map out the look.  The flow chart was a lot more complicated than I thought.  You really have to think that out.  And then when I was going through all these dog breeds in my head, I realized that there is more to each breed that needs to be displayed.  Spots of different colors, different markings, wired or smooth coats and sometimes just different sizes!  I have over 500 images I need to collect.  I think I’m up to 100, give or take 20.  So I figured, who else better to help me than the dog blog community!?!  So I’m calling to you!

What we’re looking for is very good quality photos.  I know there is a photographer in each and everyone of you… I know you take a million photos of your dogs cause I see it everyday!  We have some standards though.  As a photographer myself, I’m very particular in the way the photos have to look. so that way there is uniform to the application.  I’ll show examples with Aladdin and friends.  Just make sure you read the descriptions before sending my your photos.

I call this the show profile. This is a very important pose, since this is the one showing the whole dog in the way it should look. The only thing I don't want is what I did here, no backgrounds. All of these should be down outside in a nice grassy field. If you can get them not looking at the camera, that would be better too. For some reason I don't have a show pose for Aladdin. I might take one just to show you an example, its just raining outside today so very gloomy. Try to avoid direct sunlight (shade or overcast is always the best) and make sure you are filling the whole frame. If I have to crop, I will loose quality and we want to keep as much quality as possible! :)

This is what we'll refer to as the face shot. This one is a very good example of what I'm looking for. Grassy background, over cast for even lighting, and done in a 3/4 view so you can see lines and the different liners and shapes of the skull. Panting or no panting is acceptable. :)

The next one is what we'll refer to as the playful shot. Here Cyrano is playing with a stick. You can have your pup playing with a ball, in mid run, or splashing at your local beach. There really isn't an limit on this one. The only thing we ask is that there isn't another dog in the photo (for 'model' release purposes) unless of course its the same breed and part of your pack. Again, try and avoid direct sunlight. Here you can see a high contrast from left to right of Cyrano's face and we want to avoid that. But if it happens and it really suits the photo, send it! This photo is all the playfulness of the breed anyways! :D Just remember, we're looking for QUALITY!

This one, we're calling the Dog on Duty, or Duty Shot. Breeds had and still have duties and jobs to play out, and I know a lot owners still play out those rolls for them. So if you have a shot of them retrieving or herding or chasing a rat, then it would go in this category! Just make sure you are filling the frame and that there is that quality we're looking for! :)

The last category is the Variety Shot. Some breeds have multiple colors they come in or different coat types. If you have more than one and can them in a shot together, take one! It's always good to have a comparison with the different types! Try to avoid doing different size breeds, like the toy, miniature, and standard poodle. They will each have their own page. If you can get all the different sizes together, it would be a great shot, but if you can't get all of them, focus on them individually. We need individual shots! :)

Also, if you are an AKC breeder and you want a picture of your litter, we are looking for puppy pictures too!  And if you have different variations, we want pictures of that too!  I know AKC doesn’t allow all colors into the show ring, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t post a picture of it so people know what it looks like.  Pictures are easier to understand sometimes than words.  So get your camera and take some really awesome shots!

We need those puppy pictures! Just make sure they are not dark like this example. And try and keep any other 'advertisement' out as well. Skittles does not need our help and it's kind of an eye sore! *laughs* Outside ones are always preferred, but sometimes it just not do able for pups. Make sure nothing is blurry (I know they are constantly on the move) and make sure the photo is bright and the puppies are filling up the image. We don't want little tiny puppies in the image. Remember you are viewing this on the phone so while your initial picture is a good size, the displayed image is rather small.

Your dogs name will be listed in the credit of the photos.  So if your pup is a show dog and has a show name, give that to us.  If you happen to be at a show and someone is using the application, your name will not only be on the roster, but the application as well.  So make sure you send us credit information that we can list!

All photos can be sent to and make sure you put AKC Breeds Application in the subject so that way if it gets thrown into spam, I know to pull it out!  I also need you to type into your email, “I give my consent to allow DOGnormous to use all photos I have sent in their application for the AKC Dog Breeds Application.  I also understand that while I own the rights to the photo(s), I am allowing all photos that are sent to now be in the rights of DOGnormous and am allowing them to use the photos as needed.”  With your full name typed at the end.  Without this, we can not and will not use any of your photos.

If your photos is going to be used, we’ll send you a thank you email so that way you know! And of course once the application is up and running, there will be a blog post so you can go and check it out!  It will hit the Android market first since Julio knows that language and then later into iTunes.  Be patient, this stuff takes a while, and I have a lot of description typing and photo collect/taking to do!  All your help is very much appreciated! :)

If you ever have a question on how to make your photograph better, just ask.  I’ll happily give you some advice! :D

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