Bringing Aladdin to Work

As a groomer, we have some special privileges, and that is bringing your dog to work.  I figured with the gloomy weather, Aladdin could go to work with me and play with some pups while I work on other dogs.  He didn’t really play though.  My over all goal was to get him use to all the noises in the salon, while he had buddies who he could play with.  This way, he would associate something positive with grooming.  But he was just Mr. Cranky all day.

He waited patiently at the door all day.  He can jump over the baby gate, but after a scolding from the first two jumps, he decided that he would follow my stay command.

The bigger dogs he wanted nothing to do with, so when this happy little yorkie came in, wiggle butt and all, Aladdin showed a little interest at first.

But then later wanted nothing to do with her.  She like him a lot though!

When I was spraying on the nice doggie cologne for extra smell goods, Aladdin went and hid in a kennel.  I have no idea what this was about.

He also peed 5 times, and pooed twice while I was working.  I spared you of taking photos of that.  And it sees he always has to do his business in front of an audience.  A couple of days ago while Julio and I took a nice long walk, he did it in front of a kindergarden class… who were all screaming, ewwww!  And while at work, always in front of a customer.  Always an audience needed.

After work, I met up with Julio’s sister, Calcetin’s mom, and we went to a dog cookie class together.  So we brought home bacon flavor and pumpkin flavor.  All of Calcetin’s favorite. Aladdin didn’t really want his cookie when I got home, that is until dad wanted to see it.  Then he took his cookie into his bed and ate it there.

I have a nice little recipe from the cookie class I’m going to share.  But I want to make sure I have some good pictures to go with it.  Calcetin’s mom and I agree that our grumpy kids need a play date and we need a little baking fun.  So a recipe is sure to follow! :)

Finally the nice weather is back!  So I can finally start scheduling taking some picture for the Dog app.  I have a lot of pictures to take, and thankfully, a lot of people seem pretty excited to have their dogs included into the app.  I think they also love the part where they get the images that were taken by a professional photographer, for free! :)

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