Warm Weather At Last

Here in Chicago we have had weather ranging in the 40′s with winds that make it feel colder than it is.  Today, however, it was 81 degrees , and breezy, but it felt good.  I got done with work really early, no one wanted to hand off their dogs.  Everyone wanted to go running, walking, playing in the park with their four legged friend.  I gave Julio the car today and so when his sister called to pick me up from work, I wouldn’t dare turn it down.  I picked up some treats that had just arrived at work, they are doggie delicacies during this time of the year, and headed on out.

We went out to a park near us, and while a girls soccer team had practice on one end, us dog owners occupied the other end.  It’s not a dog park, but here, everyone understands. We are all just here to run and get out of the house.  Rather you have two legs or four.  So Aladdin did just that.  He ran around like a maniac.  Free of the house and free of his leash or command (or so he thought).  His grumpy cousin just walked around by his mom.  He didn’t want to play.

We played fetch with Aladdin’s gummy bear.  Calcetin only chasing it once, and forfeiting once Aladdin won.  But Aladdin kept bring it back to play.  After the rain clouds approached us, we called it quits.  It didn’t last long, maybe a minute or so, then we got out of the car to give them their goodie!

Doggie Ice cream!!  Peanut butter, apple, banana flavor.  I saw these and saw there were Calcetin’s favorite flavors.  So as a thanks for picking me up at work and taking Aladdin and I out to play, I bought those for him.  Although, he didn’t really eat his.  They came in a pack of 6, so I sent 2 more home with him, so mom could spoil him whenever she felt like it!

Now, we are enjoying a small stream of storms to cool us off.  Hope it doesn’t cool us off to much.  So now, I upload pictures, and of course photography to follow. :)

Lovin the wind beneath his ears!

Hello sun!

he’s loving the clovers. He just lays in which ever bed is closest to him, probably to cool off!

There’s something on my butt. The flies were bothering him lol

A friend that was Aladdin size, but he was already pretty pooped by the time they joined in on the fun.

Always ending the journey with some rehydration!

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