Words on Wednesday

I missed Monday Mischief.  I had a little head cold, and had to use my day off as a day dedicated to rest.  Wrestling around with dogs on the grooming table is no feat when you can breath normally.  The I was so kind to pass it on to Julio, how is now struggling with the same problem in the carpenter’s world.  No worries.  I packed him chicken noodle soup (and some oreo cookies) for lunch.  With a thermos of orange juice, for added vitamin C.

We’ve been up to a lot lately.  I worked most of the weekend, but because of our little storm parade we had through out it, work was slow.  So I got called off on Sunday, and decided to Join Julio at his parents.  Aladdin got to play with Calcetin, Julio worked on his still not working car, and I got to do a little errand running.  Calcetin actually wanted to play this time, rather than lay on the couch the whole time.  So he teased Aladdin with the ball he wanted so bad, Calcetin loves to play chase, as long as he is the one being chased.  Once the rain stopped, the dogs got to play outsides for a bit, although Aladdin didn’t want to step in the wet grass.  He would hope from cement area to stones, to wooden flower bed frames if at all possible.  But if his toy landed in the wet grass, he quickly retrieved it and got back to dryer areas.

This week in work, a new food brand has become available to me for free.  So, I took advantage of it.  I think Aladdin has 6 different food types (4 brands) in his kibble collection.  He definitely likes to newest food brand the most, as he picks out those pieces first, if he can.  He doesn’t go to to much trouble.

*crunch crunch*

The new food brand is Fromm.  I happen to get their duck flavor.  It smells pretty good.  It’s not our ‘top’ quality, but it has all meat in the first 3 ingredients and the grain part is very very low in the ingredient list.  So it gets thrown in with the rest of Aladdin’s assortment of food.  It’s a good thing he has an iron stomach, cause I can feed him anything and he would be fine.  He does get higher grade food though, to keep his coat healthy and shiny.  So I took a picture of Aladdin’s variety.  Look at all the different kibble shapes!

Then we ended the day with a nail trim, which Aladdin hates.  So everything is all ready for the weekend.  We’re going to dog sit Cyrano.  So we have to Cyrano-proof our house.  Anything at tail height  has to be put away and anything that can be destroyed will be. so we have to make sure everything is put away.  But that mischief won’t happen until next weekend.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures and updates on that as well!  In the mean time, we’ll be preparing. :)

But now for pictures!

He wants you to play!

‘Come chase me, I dare you!’

‘come and get it!’

Uncle Julio will play, while Aladdin just waits to snatch his ball back!

Aladdin and his cousin Piojo (pee o ho).

he doesn’t play like the rest of his cousins, and therefore Aladdin doesn’t want much to do with him.

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