A Saturday Spot Light

Hi guys!

Look who’s visiting!

Cyrano!  We’re dog sitting this weekend, and partially into monday.  He’s never done city life and it was quite an adjustment.  He arrived at our place at 6:30 am on Friday morning, tail smacking everything.  He barked at all the kids and their shadows as they walked to school.  He barked at all the people walking by, since it’s the city.  He barked at the neighbors upstairs (who walk like hippos) and he barked at nothing.  Finally I put him in his cage so I could get a nap in before I dealt with more barking on a busy work day.  He cried in his  cage, so I put a blanket over it and he tried to eat it.  Finally he gave up.  Aladdin curled up with me in bed and we got an hour nap in before I had to get up for work.

Have to make room for Cyrano’s food bowl, with the extra large flintstone kibble

After that first day, he did really well.  He still barks at things he shouldn’t, and now Aladdin thinks it’s also his duty to bark at everything since it’s his home.  No visitor is going to show him up.  But the neighbors haven’t said anything to us yet, so hopefully it’s not excessive.

Aladdin has also peed in the house more often then he has since we’ve moved in.  So I started doing the ice thing again to slow him down.  He still tries to get as much water as he can, and whenever he hears Cyrano grabbing water, he has to work his way in there to get some.  Cyrano isn’t use to a water schedule like a feeding schedule, so I try and keep fresh water there for him all day.  He doesn’t like the ice idea much though, and waits for it to melt to get his water.  Thankfully, he mostly wants water after he eats.  So I can make sure Aladdin is far away from the water bowl until he eats his food.

The boys have been playing really well.  Cyrano has definitely improved.  He got to rough one time and I when I said ‘Hey,’ he immediately laid down and showed his belly, the submissive surrender that lets me know that he knows I’m in charge, and so I let them continue.

He also loves our cool floors after he is done playing.  And since Aladdin has a lot of things to chew that he doesn’t bother to touch, I gave them to Cyrano.  He loved the peanut butter filled bone.  And they also got a couple of treats for being good boys.

Today, I came home and Cyrano was ready to hug me.  He also gave some of his goofy Dalmatian smile.  Julio will agree, he really loves his Aunt.  It’s to bad his fur makes me itchy, other wise I would let him sleep with us, so I can have his big warm body snuggle with me.  But he seems to remember me always nagging at him to get off my bed while we lived with him and his dad, so he sleeps next to edge of the bed.  My side of course. :)

Our temporary kitchen table *laughs*

Mom, I steal his because he steals mine.


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