1 Year Later

Yuki – 1 day old

One year ago today my little girl was born.  She was the smallest out of the three puppies and the only one to be white.  When we brought her home, she was only 8″ tall and Aladdin wanted nothing to do with her.  My how a year can change things.  Happy Birthday Yuki!  Here’s the year of watching our puppy grow.

Yuki – 3 weeks old

First night in her new home.  This was on her mama’s birthday!  Best birthday ever.

Aladdin wasn’t found of the idea of having a new little sister.

After our trip from Woodstock, IL to Chicago, IL we traveled out to my dad’s farm out near Madison, WI to visit.  It’s my dad’s second fur grand-kid.  Both my parents are still waiting on ‘real’ grand children. *laughs* (Photographed by my sister, Tara).

Her first run in with water.  She got the zoomies and couldn’t see the water line in the shade of a tree.  I’m sure it was a bit of a shock, even if it was a 60 degree day in March.

First hair cut with mom.  She was such a good girl!

She meets her best friend, Layla!

And her extra large cousin, Calcetin, who we unfortunately also said good bye to this year as well.

Aladdin finally warmed up to his baby sister, and now playing tug is their favorite game!  Although, Yuki always wins now instead of Aladdin.

Best Buds, never to be seperated.

We met more family!  Link!

And made more friends.  Here is Rogue!

Dad found puppy teeth, by stepping on them. *laughs*

And spent our first hot summer day on the Chicago dog beach!

We enjoyed the calm after the storm, and the rainbow too.

Got experience on the competition table.

Enjoyed some extreme patch of color, and the park afterwards.

Got her big girl hair cut, with a dash of breast awareness.

Attended her first agility class and made it to graduation!

Coat change got the best of mom, and so we chopped off all our hair.  It will grow back… :(

With all that, we end the year with a birthday gift, a pheasant toy since she’s being such a good retriever lately and a big turkey dinner.  Aladdin can’t wait for his birthday in February (his anniversary from his rescue date).

Happy Birthday Yuki.  I couldn’t have asked for a better poodle! :)

The Holidays

bows with bells

The holidays are a very busy time for me.  Everyone and their mother needs their dog groomed.  I’m booked out until after christmas.  During this time a groomer has to prepare.  Bows, bandanas, holiday scented cologne, and of course sharp tools.  On top of it, secret santas for my grooming associations and Yuki’s agility class.  You start to fall behind on house work, and on your days off you’re using that to try and catch back up.  For groomers, there is never a dull moment .  Luckily, when you’re prepared you occasionally give yourself 3 days off, just to catch up.  I slept in until 9, which is awesome since my usual wake up time is 5:00 am and the house is clean and Yuki, Aladdin and I are using the day to relax.  We’ll probably do a little training (Yuki is getting really good at agility, and Aladdin loves hanging out in the tunnel) other wise we’ll use the day for sitting, watching TV, and making some crafts.

Here’s a quick look at our agility class.  It was a little quiet because of some bad weather, but it allowed us some more free play.

Monday Mischief- More Agility

I'm totally crazy, can you tell?You’ll probably hear about agility until December 8th, which is our last class.  It just so happens that we do it on sunday, so we always have some kind of mischief for Monday!

This week, we had a lot more people join the class.  We went from 4 or 5 to about 8 or 9.  More puppies too.  Yuki was really well behaved, until she got close to the instructor’s poodle.  She must know that they are from the same club, so she constantly jumped and pulled to go play with her.  That poodle didn’t want anything to do with her though.

bang board, preparing for the teeter totter. Everyone uses the command bang, but we use board, since we use bang for playing dead. Still a little nervous, but she steps on it!

We practiced what we had previous learned (name recognition, sit, stay, and leave it) and we were introduced into some newer concepts.  We had to walk and then stop, tell the dog to sit.  Then we would give a release.  Yuki, had many distractions, but she did it about 50% of the time.  When we refocused on the bang board and the walk boards, Yuki showed them up.  This last weeks practice really paid off.  Even the trainer mentioned how much she had improved. *Proud mom*

teaching her to round her jumps. Anything for puperroni mom!

We learned about going around the jump poles, not actually jumping today, which Yuki is already great at jumping over things.  We also did the tunnel today.  Yuki took to it really well.  The problem is she doesn’t want to leave me.  She goes in, but can’t see me so she wants to back out and find me.  So we have to have someone hold her while I go to the other side and and she goes right through.  Towards the end of the tunnel session, she went right in and I caught her leash as she came out.  I think she is really getting the hang of this.

Going through the tunnel!

We took Aladdin again, but he gets way to excited and whines.  Julio tried walking him about and getting him to focus on him, but he just really wanted to meet everyone.  The trainer really encourages us to bring him and get him use to the distractions.  Julio really wants to sign up Aladdin now.  If I would have known we could have joined in late, I would have definitely wrote her another check and included him in the class.  I’m so happy I found a me and Julio thing.  We are similar, but to have that one thing we can bond over really gives a day for us (and our dogs).  We definitely do not get enough us days.

night mom

Monday Mischief Agility Class!

Yuki has recently been signed up for an agility class.  We are going to sign up Aladdin too, as both us parents think he would be great, but Yuki needed some energy released and we just wanted to try it out first to see if it will really be something we enjoy.  Julio and I are both very competitive, so we’re already doing the ‘My kid will be better than your kid’ thing.  We took both, Aladdin was whining to much and distracting his already super hyped up crazy poodle sister, who sat in the car for an hour and half to get there (thanks to a marathon in the city that blocked off the interstate), so Julio had to escort him out and couldn’t grab any pictures.  There is to much to report other than Yuki’s fear of different colored floors, which we’re working on.  Next class, Julio promises to catch a few images.  The instructor also suggest we keep bringing Aladdin, it’s great experience for him.  I love our instructor.  She’s all about the dogs!

So Since I didn’t have to much to report, a friend actually sent me this blog post from another, which I think is a really fun read!  It’s from the blog The Dog Snobs and while I haven’t found a category that we fit in, I can already see some people in our class that fit.  Enjoy!

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This N That Thursday

You can join 2browndawgs in this this n that Thursday.  Grab the badge and keep it moving a long.  “It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that and everything in between…”

We’ve had a lot going on.  Some great news, and some not so great news.  We’ve all been around trying to help each other out.


Moving My Grooming Table
My salon is moving locations, so i’ve been pulling 60 hour work weeks trying to help.  I groom more, so the owner can groom less and get this salon done.  This means I’m out grooming on the mobile van.  Not my favorite, but at least I have a job!  We down sized our crew a lot since she isn’t taking the boarding facility with us.  So about 10 people lost their jobs.  Wish there was something I could do to help.  On the last day of everyone being there, I did order lunch for everyone, but that was about the extent of it.
Our Goodbye
We also said goodbye to Calcetin.  He’s off in doggy heaven now, probably running a muck.  He’s been through cancer, blue green algae poisoning, and finally his immune system said enough.  He stopped eating and slowly declined in health.  His mom just had her baby and they just bought a house so it’s been busy for her.  We all had to come together to help her mourn.  She feels guilty, as though this was her fault, when really she’s probably one of the best dog mom’s I know.  We miss you Calcetin and I’m glad you got to meet your two legged brother before you said good bye.

We were hoping to get to the poodle specialty show this past weekend, but with my crazy schedule, Yuki and I have missed a lot of conformation classes.  Sorry I have no pictures of this, I go by myself since I get off work and fly over there, so it’s hard to get a selfie of me practicing with Yuki.  I promise though, the first show we enter, there will be lots of pictures!  We are also resting until I think December-January.  I feel Yuki looks a little gangly right now.  I little to long in the body, her legs need a little fill.  You know those ugly teenage years.



We did however enter Yuki is agility classes.  I want to do both dogs.  I think Aladdin would love some agility.  But again, I think I’m on my own and it would be really difficult to train two dogs by myself.  I’m hoping a friend is going too, so we can grab pictures of each other’s dog.  I’m really excited for this class to start.  Yuki is 9 month old right now, so that means we can start training for more endurance stuff with out worry about her bone structure.  By the time we get to the really physical stuff, she should be a year old.  I’m just nervous with her being too scared of the teeter totter.  She hates walking on those man hole overs and some metal coverings where the buildings use an underground passage as a loading dock.  Only city people know what I’m talking about there *laughs*.  I wish I knew what those things were called.  So with her always trying to avoid those, I’m nervous she won’t warm up to the teeter totter or the walk.  But we’ll see.  I’m hoping she proves me wrong! :D

A New Hair Cut


Excuse my beautiful appearance. I was waiting on Julio to take a picture and I fell asleep. So this is my look right after a nap lol Yuki and I were tired after all that work!

Yuki got a new hair cut.  Typically in poodles, you don’t put the continental clip on them until they are 12 months, or a year old.  The reason being that they just do not have enough coat.  Yuki is growing coat pretty quickly, and I figure while we’re in our resting phase, I’ll practice.  In the grooming world, the continental clip is one of the most difficult hair cuts.  The Bichon cut is another very difficult cut.  Some argue over which of these is more difficult, but the Bichon doesn’t have rosettes you need to worry about.  So, since I don’t get very much practice, since no show poodle just pops into a salon, I figured I would give it a go.  I’m also so frustrated with coat change right now, not having to worry about brushing out all that leg hair sounded like a really nice idea.  I made a few mistakes, we found a couple of fleas on her, and I carved in a little design.  So now I wait for hair to grow out to correct my mistakes, take a little hair off in places, and of course treat my house for fleas, just incase they decided that this was going to be their new home.  That is a whole adventure on its own.  I dyed Yuki’s ears orange and put a pink (it will be dyed pink today or tomorrow) breast cancer ribbon for this weekends Chicago Paws run.  Free advertisement and well, she looks adorable running around like a maniac with some color.  No worries, everything is completely pet safe, as safety of my little princess (and any dog for that matter) is always my first priority.

Eventually, Yuki will look like this! Grow coat grow!

If you have any interests in dying dog hair, or simply want more information on it.  You can always contact the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers and they will be more than happy to give you more information.

A New Family Member
KiajuWe recently picked up a new family member.  Our neighbor took us to this pet fair (expo) where they do more of your exotic animals, which to me is just mostly reptiles.  I have always wanted one and the price there is so much better than your corporate world animals.  I also know that these guys are bred well and not just pumped out to fill corporate needs.  Reptile farm?  I didn’t know if was on the right thinking, since I naturally thing of puppy mills with corporate pet selling.  But the guy gave me some information about breeding Chameleons and when he told about how big chameleon producers will wear out their females by over producing eggs (60-70 a batch) they run out of calcium and stop producing and then are shipped out.  He gave me a care sheet, places to buy in the area for food, and even place to buy food not in the area.  His personal number in case I have any questions and some great tips!  I feel safe knowing that our little guy is a healthy baby and he’ll grow up to help eat the flies that come into our home!  I would like you guys to me Kiaju (Ki, as in kite; Ju as in Jew).

Wordless Wednesday

Yuki gets a new hair cut!

Yuki gets a new hair cut!  And I just woke up from a nap! :P

For this month, we decided orange ears and a pink breast cancer ribbon!  She doesn’t completely fill out her continental cut yet, but I just thought I would lay it in.  Dog shows are pretty quite during this time of the year for us and grooming picks up closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas so it makes it hard to get out.  So a little color and a fun hair cut will have plenty of time to fade and grow out for February!  Good thing too, as miss wiggle worm here had a lot of interest in what I was doing and we cut into a few spots, so they need to grow out (hopefully fast so I can play some more).

A Pulled Muscle

PoodlesWe had a pretty easy weekend, other than a cold.  People do not realize how many germs a groomer deals with.  Sometimes those germs get the best of me.  But I’ve made it through the toughest part and a silly cold wasn’t going to keep me down.  So on Saturday, after work, Yuki and I met up with her best poodle friend, Layla.

Loves From MomI’ve been grooming Layla since she was 10 weeks old.  She is 8 weeks older than Yuki and always had some height on her.  Yuki is 8 months now and 24″ tall.  Layla will be 10 weeks next week and she is about the same height as Yuki now.  Layla comes from lines of therapy dogs and Yuki comes from lines of show dogs.  It’s really cool to watch two puppies of the same breed with different lineage grow up.  Layla is a lot more laid back and keeps a close eye on her people.  While he mom ran to Starbucks for us, I watched the pups.  Her and Yuki would play and if I moved, Layla was the first to panic if she couldn’t see me.  Yuki, while she still looks for me, she looks around for a bit before she starts to panic.  Their coats are really different too and they are both going through coat change so we’ll see how their adult coats come in.  That’s Yuki’s best (and realistically only) poodle friend.

Hurt LegOn Sunday we went to visit Cyrano.  We got in about midnight and all went to bed, and then in the morning, Yuki was limping pretty bad.  She took a bad spill with a male dog trying to mount her and kept casing her.  She bounced back when she got up but it showed the next morning.  Of course dad worried it was broken.  I wasn’t worried, until he started to over worry, so we had our vet friend check it out.  Poor vet friend, she never has a day off.  She insured that we shouldn’t worry.  It’s probably a pulled muscle, as she’s putting weight on it.  But since she couldn’t use x-rays (on her day off), she said to wait it out and if she doesn’t improve by Monday when we wake up to get some x-rays.  She has had dramatic improvement today.

Messaging MuscleSnuggled UpStill, we are using the day to take it easy, for both her and I to heal.  We were actually going to start conformation classes today, but given the circumstances, it will just have to wait until either later in the week or next monday.  She gets iced periodically throughout the day and messages to help relax the muscle.  I think Aladdin is a little jealous of Yuki’s injury because he is actually laying almost right on top of me.  Usually he lays next to daddy, not even really acknowledging me.  Maybe he is also starting to learn that his delicious dinner comes from his mom.  :P


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Our First Raw Meal!

We’ve officially made the switch!  I’ve been wanting to feed my dogs raw for quite some time now, but was to nervous to do it.  Thankfully the groomers world is a tight little society (careful about what you do to your groomers, word will get around) and enough of us joined together and did some researched and talked it out.  We have found what needs to be done and what to stay away from.  So the only thing left to do was to finish our last bag of kibble.

Meat Please!

I calculated how much kibble I had and did some research on some kitchen tools I would need to make sure that everything ran smoothly.  I could not have calculated more correct.  I ran out of kibble yesterday and all my supplies came in the mail today and I bought my ingredients today as well.  The pups were super excited for dinner!

Fruit and VeggiesI do not have a ton of room to stock up on meat to freeze, so I stocked up enough for the week.  Or at least I thought it was enough for the week.  I might have a bit more than expected.  I thought the kids would eat more, but my mentor was right, they do eat a lot less since it takes time.  We also came up with nick names, as with all my mentor’s different dogs, they all eat in different ways.  My two are what we call ‘bone cruncher.’  It means they chew throughly.  So I don’t have to chop all the meat into littler pieces.  You could have an ‘inhaler’ which you would want really big pieces to make them chew, or chop into really little pieces so everything can digest and nothing gets stuck.

Veggie and Fruit ToppingSniff Sniff...Meat isn’t the only thing I was feeding my dogs.  I also made sure they got all their sources for vitamins and minerals.  So I added fruit and veggies and a touch of coconut oil.  I don’t know if you can see everything, but I have apples, blue berries, carrots, broccoli, and cows heart.  The white stuff is the coconut oil when it’s cold.  It doesn’t take much to melt it.  If you touch it, it will melt.  It was completely blended into a puree and a little bit was poured on top of the meat.  Aladdin loves his fruit and veggies, so this was all licked off very quickly for him, but Yuki was a little skeptical.  She just wanted to get to the meat!

I'm a carnivore

Eventually, they found the parts they liked the best and settled down.  The only problem I really had was that they are trained to go into their beds when they have a bone to chew on, so they wanted to take the raw meat into their bed.  For sanitation reason, obviously this isn’t going to work.  So I had to put all the beds away and where ever they decided to lay down and gnaw that their dinner had to be clean and sanitized as well.  So either I need to find room for crates, to crate feed, or come up with some type of large mat that they eat on.  So my brain is at work for a better clean up solution.

Yuki and Turkey Neck

Yuki loves Turkey necks, but she ate a pigs foot too and her puree.
Aladdin and Pig Foot

Aladdin wasn’t really interested in the meat at first, but he warmed up to a pigs foot.  That was all he wanted tonight.

So now I play the watch game.  I will watch their weight to make sure we don’t have significant changes.  With all of Yuki’s coat, obviously we’ll have to give her a few extra hugs, but she gets bathed once a week so I’ll definitely be able to see it then.  I’m lucky my dogs only eat when their hungry so they told me when they were done.  I have a 20 minutes window give or take 5 minutes and they took their time eating up their dinner.

At Last, A Calm Moment

The grooming competition is over, and tests were taken.  So we’re at a calming point right now.  It feels good to just relax.

Yuki before

2 hrs and 15 minutes later (Yuki After). I kind of ran out of time, 8 weeks of coat growth is a lot of puppy coat!


My mom is in town, so we have done a few things, but nothing strenuous.  We gardened, did a day at the beach, and did a picnic at the park.  The weather has been beautiful as well!  So today, we’re using the brand new grill my mother bought me.  She got tired of little tiny grill.

mom enjoying a sit after a day of gardening and shopping!

Julio bought me a, Congrats on passing your tests present.  A waterproof camera.  So naturally I had to play in the water with that.  It’s really to much fun.  I had been eye balling it for a while, determining if it was worth the money.  Sometimes lugging my big SLR camera is just to much.  Especially with two dogs to hang on to and keep track of, their doggie travel bag, and my own purse.  I’ve been trying to downsize, to make life a little easier.  Nothing will ever be able to replace my big canon, but something to just capture the moment was what I was looking for.  I feel in love with the Olympus Tough.  It has a lot of the features that my big guy has, but in a smaller body.  I never recommend using a point and shoot for zooming features, so that wasn’t on my list of what the camera had to have.  It’s perfect.  You couldn’t separate me from it since I got it.  Now I just need to find a pool for some clearer water to play with it and the dogs!  Look out Seth, I’m making my come back!

So enjoy the pictures!

Yuki teasing Aladdin that she got there first!


Daddy and Daughter

As soon as we got there, she took off for the water!


Loves it when the boys chase her! :P


Slowly getting into deeper water!

Not afraid to get her nose wet!


Aladdin prefers to stay on dry land

Sometimes, he’ll go in a little bit to get his ball though! This is the first year, since we’ve had him, that he has willingly stepped into water.


Definitely not the foo-foo show dog people think she is!

Ending his visit with some relaxation with grandma!

You can always enjoy more pictures by visiting my flickr page!

All This Stuff!

Try parallel parking this beast in downtown Chicago!

There has been a lot going on.  I have been crazy busy with grooming because it’s summer, and everyone believes their lab, golden, shih tzu, Pekingese, and whatever other breed mix should be shaved to stay cool.  Can I just post a huge sign on the side of my mobile van stating how you should not shave your fur bearing breed?  Maybe I’ll make brochures and just hand them out on my days off.

Uncle Julio

Julio and I are officially and Aunt and Uncle now.  And with all the family in the town, that has us running all over the greater Chicago land area, and then some.  It’s starting to finally calm down.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Julio hold a baby.  I’ve seen him hold lots of puppies, but not babies.  He doesn’t even really pay attention to children, other than my cousins kids, who are pretty adorable.  But they are much older and they love our dogs as much as we do, so it’s easy to attach ourselves to them.

Yuki and I are getting ready for a few things coming up.  I have the All American Groom Show (AAGS), where her and I will be competing in a grooming ring for the first time.  So every week we are bathing, brushing, and banding.  Grow hair grow!  Yuki was in a half scandinavian clip, but after August 17, she will be in her traditional puppy cut as we are out towards getting her into the show ring!  I think our first show is in September, and it’s a poodle club.  It’s pretty bold, or at least I feel it is, to jump into the show ring with a bunch of other spectacular show Poodles, of all sizes, but I feel she will be ready in September after we get through some classes and what not.  I’m hoping to maybe make some show friends too.  Although they say the show poodle people are not the most friendly of people.  In the grooming world, us who have show dogs are friendlier towards each other than with other groomers, so I’m hoping it works the same way.  Hopefully. lol

A random note, Yuki’s top knot can officially be pulled up into one horn, rather than her two horns.  Which her papa called her devil horns cause she’s a crazy girl. A poodle feat that I felt should be noted.

Yuki at a Chicago Fire tail gating fun!

Yuki should start show classes after the AAGS.  It’s to much with everything going on right now.  It’s also a 45 minutes drive because all the kennel clubs in Chicago just don’t bother to contact me back.  So I’m guessing they don’t have matches, and just gather to host giant shows.  So dealing with rush hour and such just isn’t doable in the schedule right now.

4th of July was great.  Yuki did great with the fire works!  And in Chicago, people light them off everywhere!  But I think living in Chicago with all of the noises around us already has prepared her a bit.  We had a fantastic day hanging out with Cyrano and then getting all decorated to have a real Chicago Independence Day by drinking with the neighbors and playing with dynamite.  Love this city! :D

And my last note is that I think I have convinced Julio to join me once a week to get the dogs enrolled into some agility training.  Aladdin loves to run and fetch, and I think it would be a great family bonding experience.  I have even got my good friend, Rogue’s mom, to join me!  Rogue also loves to run!  So we’re hoping to join that in October to start that adventure.  Can you imagine a poodle in full show coat running an agility course? :P

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

As for the weather, usually during this time in Chicago, we experience temperatures in the 80′s-100′s, but lately it’s been in the low 60′s.  Don’t mind that the week before this we sat at 106 degrees with the heat index.  So we have been kind of all over the place.  I wore a sweater and pants this past Sunday, and shivered with the clouds covered the sun.  I even saw a tree in my dad’s yard already changing colors.  I hope summer stays a little longer, as I do need more beach time.  August usually slows down because people start growing coat back out for winter, so I’m hoping that week while my mom is in town and I’m competing, we get a lot of beach time!  I should be able to start blogging more frequently as well as we don’t have a ton of things going on.  We will have time for more real adventures, rather than just running around like chickens with no heads.