Aladdin’s first time in the park.

Aladdin is a mutt from Mexico.  When I visited, I ended up taking him home with me.  This little guy is probably going to end up being an inspiration to how I live the rest of my life, helping more and more dogs like him to find forever homes.  Julio’s grandfather had told me that this dog is probably luckier than the pope.  He was in the right place at the right time and now he is living a life he probably didn’t even know could exist.  Aladdin’s story…

When I was preparing for Mexico I knew a few things were expected, sun, Heat, and lots of fun!  What I didn’t expect was all the stray dogs I would see or even bringing one home.

When Julio took me to see his dad’s dad, there was this cute little mutt that would walk in and out of the gate.  The gate wasn’t open, he was just skinny enough (from not enough food) to fit through the bars.  I told Julio this guy needed food and so we bought a Kiloliter of food for $30 pesos, a little under $3 american dollars.  We would walk around and the little thing would follow me everywhere.

Julio was nervous he might have fleas, so I checked and he had nothing.  He was just a dirty dog.  His teeth were pearly white, his nails weren’t long (except for the dew claws), and his ears were clean.  He just had this like scab on his front left leg, and everyone agreed it looked like mange.  What would I do about it though?  I’m not a vet and I’m not even sure this country has one.

I told his dad who was staying there to feed him one cup of food a day and make sure he had clean water.  We left to stay with Julio’s mom’s mom where we would be staying for the duration of the trip.

About 7 or 8 days later I came back to revisit Julio’s dad’s dad.  There was the skinny little dog running from down the street to greet me.  I checked his water, dirty.  The food looked untouched as well.  I grabbed a handful and the little guy went for it like he was starving (which I wouldn’t doubt).  I had him eat it out of my hand, I didn’t want him to bloat.  He didn’t bite me, if his teeth hit any skin he would loosen his jaw and drop his food.  He was such a good dog.

I looked at Julio and said, “I wish we could take him back with us tomorrow.”  Julio agreed.  Now it was our goal to try and find an open vet on a Sunday, 18 hours before heading back to the states.  We got a hold of his uncle, who pretty much knew everybody and everybody knew him.  Sure enough he knew a vet, but would it be open?

Aladdin’s first day home after sleeping for the first time in a house, on the bed.

Julio’s dad drove us there.  This was the first time the little guy has probably ever been in a car.  I also gave him a bath before we went.  He just laid in my lap for the 20 minute drive across town.  We got there and it was open.  We wanted to get all the vaccinations we could while trying to cure this mange.

We walk in and said hello (the only thing I can really say in Spanish) and Julio explained we needed to get him across the border.  He asked Julio (and partly me who didn’t understand) what his name was.  We looked at each other and I said I don’t know, Colors?  He has three different colors on him, we hadn’t really deeply thought of a name.  The guy wrote it down.  He asked how old he was, Julio translated and I said, “I don’t know.”  The vet tech asked what breed he was, we didn’t know that either.  He asked where he had come from, we don’t know, we literally picked him up off the streets.  I’m pretty sure this guy thought I was the crazy white girl who picks up random dogs.  He wrote down the information and Julio pointed out the scab and said, “We think it’s mange.  How do we cure it?”  The vet started laughing.  I didn’t see what was so funny.  The he said something to Julio and he started laughing.  I looked at Julio frustrated.  Julio explained to me that it would be simple to cure mange, because he didn’t have it.  It was gum.

When we walked out, he had his first N-5 shots and the meds for the rest for when we return to the states.  We took him back to Julio’s mom’s mom and cut out the gum, bought a $15 peso colar out of leather and a $10 peso metal leash that was way to heavy for the small guy.  I bought enough food for the ride home and a bottle of water to rehydrate him.  He was ready to go home.

On our way home from the vet I mentioned to Julio that this guy was like Aladdin.  He went from being a street rat, stealing the food he needed to survive to come to America.  He crossed the heavily guarded border without being questioned and became a sultan.  He doesn’t seem as shy, his tail wags and he’ll jump around when we sees me.  He also loves using whatever article of clothing I might have on the floor for a bed.

Dad might be a Sox fan, but Mom rules the dog so he supports her team!

We have gone through training classes, and I have taken the time to teach him commands, and he listens very well (to his mom at least).  He has come a long way and he is the best dog I could ask for.  Unfortunately with the event of our neighbors tattling on us, Aladdin spends most of his days at Julio’s Parents place, but we are looking for a more dog friendly place.  Until then, I use my days off of work to go see my kid, and of course I spoil him even more with 100 bags of dog treats and toys every time I go!  I miss him so much!

I saved one dog from the harsh streets and punishment that a mexican dog lives through, and I only have about 2 million more to go.  Not to mention all the other strays in foreign countries that are probably just as helpless.  These strays come to you well mannered with other dogs, they completely love you, and they usually don’t have an aggressive bone in their body.  They are just mutts looking for food, a strong leader, and home.  I wish I could have helped them all!

I would like to welcome Aladdin to America, and our family!

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