Calcetin as a puppy with his new name tag on.

Calcetin is a Weimaraner who is bigger than he thinks he is.  He would be content sitting in your lap all day long if he could!  His name means “sock” in spanish.  This is my oldest nephew, and I know I shouldn’ t play favorites, but probably my favorite nephew.  I only say this because he has the temperament that reflects Aladdin’s the most and they love playing chase with each other.  They also both have an obsession for sticks.

Calcetin loves to sleep, especially if it involves blankets!

Calcetin is owned by Julio’s Sister and her Husband.  With all the traveling they do, Calcetin has see a lot of the world.  He’s seen Mexico and a lot of national parks.  He even has a little book that has National park stamps to prove he’s camped there.  He also took on and survived cancer.  He still has scars on his back leg from the operation to remove it all.  He is still cancer free to this day!  He beat blue green algae and has so many allergies to food, I have to really watch ingredients when I buy treats for him.

Calcetin’s Tail was docked to short when he was a puppy, so now he just has a nub.  Milow had the same thing happen to him when he was a puppy.  So when he gets excited, his whole butt wiggles instead of a tail.  When Calcetin is confused about something, he does this head twirl, where it looks like he is trying to see behind him.  His Uncles constantly make fun of him for different reasons, but Aladdin wouldn’t be the same without this wise old man.

Calcetin loves it when you chase him and Aladdin loves to chase. It’s the perfect match!

Calcetin passed away on September 23, 2013.  It was a very difficult day, and we never really got to say goodbye.  We cherish his memories and we’re glad he got to meet his two legged brother before he passed away.  I hope doggie heaven has all the sticks you could ever want, Calcetin.

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