I’m going to start this by say, Milow is very special to me.  I think dog owners can all remember their first dog and just how special he/she really was to you.  That is what Milow is to me.

Milow was born on August 17, 1998.  I met him the first day he came into this world.  I had good relations with his mother and father, and even his uncle.

Milow was a full bred Jack Russell Terrier or also known in the show ring as a Parson Russell Terrier.  His mother was a show dog.  She was a stocky wired hair, she was very tiny.  His dad had a grandfather who happen to be a champion, and and champions through generations.  His dad was short legged short smooth hair.  Milow came out taller than both his parents, as longer legged jacks ran in his family so that’s why.  He also came out with half smooth short hair and half wire long hair.  Just down his back is where his mother’s coat took over, so it was like he has this wiry mohawk.  Everything else about his body was his fathers.  His face possessed his mother’s wiry look, and he had a little scruff look to him.  He was very obedient and smart and he knew that I was his owner.

From the moment his little legs allowed him to venture away from his mother, he would jump/climb the baby gate and come snuggle next to me.  My mother worked very long hours at a factory and I arrived at the baby sitters at 5:30 am and if no school was in session, I was there all day until 5:30 pm.  As it was August that he was born, I had school.  So I would arrive at the babysitters to go back to sleep for an hour or so and Milow would find his way to the couch I slept on.  When he got old enough where he was for sale, I begged my mother to make him officially mine.  She gave in and we got him at a really good price since the baby sitter knew us.

We took Milow home in October.  I named him Milow cause of the movie “The Mask.”  They had a Jack Russell Terrier named Milo in the movie who was the main character’s side kick and that’s how I saw my dog.  I added the W as a kid cause I wanted it to be differently spelled.  I wanted my dogs name to be unique the same as I felt my dog was.  So I did it with spelling.  When I had to go to the baby sitters, Milow came with and he always waited for me when I got off the bus.  Even at 2 months old he knew the routine in which his new master had to obey, so he obeyed it too.

I trained him myself and he knew lots of trick.  Sit, come, stay, leave it, hold, down, sit pretty.  My sister and I wanted him to be a show dog.  We watch Wish bone and he was very well trained and we wanted Milow to be the same.  We taught him to shake the way a human would.  Right hand, right paw, left hand, left paw.  We taught him to speak and then to speak with inside voices.  He always took his treat nice as to not take off our figures.  Roll over, playing dead, and the flip of the nose trick were some others.  We even taught him to fetch things out of the pool.  We could wrestle with him and he knew to only play bite, and when we would say ouch, he would shower us with kisses, but not in the face of course because that wasn’t allowed.  After the first school year of having him my sister and I started staying at home.  He would wait for us by the door when we got home and he would sit patiently until we set our stuff down and we gave him the signal that it was okay for him to come to us and stand on his hind legs to get as close to us as possible.  During the summer he would swim with us and sun bath with us.  We even had to put sun screen on his nose after we found out it could burn.  We went on bike rides and roller blading to the ice cream shop and he would come with.  He would go every where with us.  Even to our dads (my parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade) and we would play in the lake he lived on.  He was my brother and my best friend, no contest.

When my first boyfriend came home, I made sure my dog was okay with him before I even allowed it to go further.  As long as Milow could sit between us on the couch, he had no problem with it.  He even watched me graduate High School and since I commuted to college, he watched me take off on my first day of that as well.

Milow loved to pick fruits and veggies with us in our garden. He would pick his own green beans to eat, just as we did.

In 2008 I had moved out of my mom’s house for the summer to help out in the suburbs of Chicago to try and start my career.  I couldn’t take Milow with me.  The house owners were not dog friendly.  I went home once a month to see Milow, my mother, and my sister.  Finally I moved back home in October where Milow greeted me as if I hadn’t been gone a day.  I almost cried when I got to see him again.  We played fetch for hours.

In January 2009, I was gone to visit a friend for two weeks.  My boyfriend at the time and I had a huge fight and when I came home I called out my dogs name, he didn’t come to greet me.  So I thought maybe he was stuck in my sisters room sitting in front of the heater snoozing.  I went in, and no one was in there.  I kept calling for him and I went down stairs because I heard my mom working down there.  When I saw her I asked, “Where is my dog?”  She then told me that my sister had gone to her fathers for a few days and didn’t take him with her.  My mom had to leave for the weekend and had a friend watch him.  Milow went to their house and when she opened the door he had got out to chase a squirrel and he was hit by a car.  My mother didn’t call me cause she didn’t want me to drive home knowing my dog wouldn’t greet me when I got back.  In my eyes, my dog was still young.

Julio never got to meet Milow, he will only be a legend to him.  To me, Milow has set the example for every dog that I will ever own, but no one will ever take his place.

Thank you for all the great memories, Milow.  You will always be loved and remembered.

One thought on “Milow

  1. I liked reading your blog. It brought back great memories. I Remember how you use to dress him up in different outfits and he didn’t even mind. Actually he was rather proud to wear them!

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