About Me & The Blog

Hi!  My name is Nicole and I’m the average dog lover.  I’ve had a dog since I was 10 years old and I haven’t been without a dog since.

I think I should mention my first dog.  His name was Milow and he was my buddy.  I’ve known him since he was born (August 17, 1998).  My babysitter at the time bred Jack Russell Terriers and this one particular puppy picked me.  He would go at any cost to be with me when I slept, when I was eating, even playing with the other children.  I finally told my mom that I wanted him to be mine and I wanted to take him home with me.  From that moment on we were inseparable for the most part.  Growing up was wonderful having him around.

I think the dog community is so cool.  Owning a dog, I feel, puts you as part of this secret society.  Although almost everyone I know owns a dog, so it’s not so secret.  For those people who own a dog, you know what I’m talking about.  You understand other dog owners, you easily communicate with other dog owners, and of course you share your stories with other dog owners.  Your dog is your pride and joy, almost like those women who talk about their kids nonstop.  Our dogs are our kids.  Our dogs teach us as well as we teach them.  We are their mothers, fathers, friends, and pack mate.  I think that’s why I made a blog dedicated to my dog and other dog related topics.

Aladdin and I

As for what I do, I have two jobs.  I went to school for fine arts to become a photographer.  I had to pick up another job for a second income, just so I had some play cash to not only spoil me, but my dog as well.  Can’t forget about those student loans I racked up!  My second job is a dog groomer.  I love grooming dogs all day.  While I went to school for photography, I love the dog industry so much, that has really taken priority in my life.  I would love to own a business one day.  A dogtopia kind of thing.  It’s just building up to that.  That way I can groom, photograph, and still submerge myself into the dog industry and all the neat things it has to offer.  It’s just a work in progress for now though.

I live in the big city of Chicago, but I have a lot of adventures.  Aladdin is usually with me for most of them but sometimes I get to take my nephews.  When I say nephews, I mean all the dogs in the family.  I also have pages of my ‘nephews’ as they too are a part of my life.  You might here me mention friends of Aladdin’s that we meet at the park or through people we know.  I don’t make pages, but I always try to supply plenty of pictures.  I am a photographer after all!

I took a family photo. Thank god for tripods and self timers ^_^

The other big important thing in my life is Julio.  He is my rock.  If it wasn’t for him, I would float away on a cloud of dreams and probably never come back down.  He keeps reality in the distance for me and is there to be my strength when it’s hard to carry on.  He also loves dogs just about as much as I do and without him, there probably wouldn’t be much adventure.  Julio and Aladdin make up my little family and I couldn’t imagine a life without either of them!

This blog is strictly dedicated to dogs and dog lovers.  I’m sorry if you are a cat lover.  I did have a cat, she was amazing, but there is just some kind of special bond I have with dogs that over rides the thought of owning another cat.  Especially since, when I go hiking, I can’t take my cat with me. :-P  I’m always doing new research on human and dog interactions, as that’s part of one of my jobs, and that’s what I will dedicate my blog to.  Working in the grooming salon, I get a lot of questions and I try and re post those questions here.  Especially if they seem important.  I will also write about the adventures that I take with Aladdin and with grooming, and I hope to hear your adventures too!  After all, we are all dog lovers and I know you are just as proud as I am sometimes :)

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